The Vitruvian man as inspiration for innovative chair design

Green chair design furniture-practical use

Flexible, stable, ergonomic. The innovative bOne chair by JDF Raum und Kunst combines design, function and customer benefits at the highest level and guarantees a strong visual impact. The extraordinary Chair design has already received the Good Design Award for 2011 from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Chair design at a high level

The Vitruvian Man Leonardo-da VInci Chair bOne jdf

The human body and da Vinci’s virtuvian mass harmony served as inspiration for this groundbreaking one Chair design. The shape of the bOne chair was influenced by the structure of the bones and the complicated anatomy of the human body. The upholstery of the chair resembles the structure of human skin and is available in the form of cylinders and in various bright colors and materials, whereby the so-called cells can be easily installed. The chair frame is designed with maximum transparency and can either be made of wood or metal.

Ergonomic chair design – bOne Chair

JDF Design Modern chairs-metal frame Vitruvian man

That Chair design bOne from the Swiss studio is suitable as a comfortable piece of furniture or attractive living accessory, especially for people with extravagant taste and a sense of humor. This harmonizes in its functionality and aesthetic design with the individual customer needs and ideas of well-being.

Chair designed with optimal transparency

bOne chair design cell filling structure metal

JDF space and art specialize in architecture, interior design, product and industrial design. As designers, the Julietta Di Filippo Roy and Björn Ischi team attach great importance to technical know-how, professionalism and creativity. The realization and development of your projects, which impress with their individual character, takes place in a creative dialogue.

Colorful cylinders can be combined as desired 

Bone Chair Design-JDF Switzerland Function-Aesthetics

The chair can be personalized with the number of cylinders

Design innovation chair upholstery ideas green

bOne chair design – innovative solutions for your living space

bOne chair-green upholstery-modular design

Chair with modular upholstery

Modular upholstery-foam metal chair-cell filling

Dynamic and playful design

Backrest chair upholstery-green bOne-chair jdf

Cell filling through deformation

Dynamic design chairs upholstery removable cell filling

JDF space and art team

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