The unusual furniture by Allan Lake transports you into a fairytale world

hand made dresser-rustic bed-chest wall mirror design

Are you a fairy tale lover? Because these are handmade fancy furniture are somewhat reminiscent of the aesthetics and extravagance of the furniture in the novel “Alice in Wonderland”. Manufactured and decorated by hand with virtuoso mastery, the furniture collection for bedrooms “Starburst” transports you into an almost fairytale world. 

Transform the living ambience with the unusual furniture

Furniture ideas design wall mirror frame lacquered wood slats

Every single piece from Allan Lake Furniture is one of a kind, made from British hardwoods sourced from sustainably managed forests. Some designer pieces are made of different woods in strong colors, which were clamped together before cutting and shaped with curved silhouette lines. Other pieces of furniture are carved by hand, so that your softly rounded edges of the solid wood are reminiscent of a true sculpture. The chest of drawers, for example – handcrafted and sanded, with artistic handles.

Contrast between linear and flowing

hand made bed headboard wooden step board decorated allan-lake furniture

The Starburst bedroom suite is a unique collection that uses the combination of different types of wood as a design tool to create visual effects. Walnut, plane, beetroot and elm wood were used. The furniture series includes a rustic double bed with a stepboard and headboard made of wood and decorated with structured glass paintings, a chest, a high bedroom chest of drawers and a wall mirror. Purple and red stained glass inlays, which look like diamonds, add a dramatic note to the Starbust bed and create a contrast between the resulting strict geometry and the curved lines. the fancy furniture, designed by an artist, are inspired by nature.

Amazing creativity and craftsmanship

peppy desk design-flowing contours-drawers

The beauty of the wooden slats unfolds in the design of the Rainbow desk. The laminate effect is achieved – this is how the piece of furniture looks natural and organic. 3 drawers with customer-specific handles made of lacquered hardwood complete the picture. The Rainbow desk is a limited edition of Allan Lake available.

Exciting design

Desk design limited edition wooden slats clamped drawers

While most desks have a static and strict shape, Rainbow differs in its flowing elegance.

Artfully curved edges

Lacquered wood layers of different wood desk legs unusual furniture

Starburst chest

Chest-bedroom rustic-wood unusual furniture

The legs have a massive, heavy appearance 

allan-lake designer furniture collection-chest wood handmade

handcrafted unusual furniture bedroom specific to the customer

Collection of works of art

rustic furniture bedroom sculptural unusual furniture

The unusual furniture for bedrooms

tallboy-design dresser tall handmade wooden starburst series

Bed with a unique rustic aesthetic

Bed rustic-sculptural aesthetic-unusual furniture

Timeless creations 

Bed design original step board-rustik allan-lake furniture

Hand-made sculptural furniture bed headboard rustic step board

carved by hand post bed rustic furniture collection handmade modern