The ultra-light carbon chair by Moooi – Mercantile shape and stability

Carbon chair by Moooi dining room modern design

Of the Carbon chair by Moooi was created by the talented designer duo Marcel Wanders and Bertjan Pot designed. It is the result of playing with the new high-tech materials that open up new possibilities for designers, and the old craftsmanship that should be cherished and preserved. The design is a fascinating combination of these two components and has its own charm.

Flyweight carbon chair by Moooi

Carbon chair by Moooi pool terrace furniture black

The chair shape is traditional, but the materials – unconventional. This unique designer chair is made of black carbon fiber and epoxy resin and is ultra-light. It weighs only 1.1 kilos, but is very stable and robust. The woven structure emphasizes the seat and has an interesting aesthetic. The carbon chairs are suitable for every room, every furnishing style and can also be left outside as patio furniture. The dramatic black color will give any room a special flair.

Carbon chair by Moooi – dramatically black

chair design carbon fiber designer duo marcel wanders bertjan pot

beautiful weave structure

Carbon chair by Moooi designer marcel wanders bertjan pot

carbon chair moooi high-tech materials craftsmanship

suitable for every well-styled dining room

furnishing black and white color duo dining room carbon chairs moooi

combined with a white table

Carbon chair by Moooi black and white high gloss table

beautiful grass-green accents in the room

modern decor green accents carbon chair

suitable for indoor and outdoor use

carbon chair moooi terrace furniture modern

Carbon chair by Moooi modern design black high-tech materials

light and ergonomic

carbon chair moooi carbon fiber epohid resin black

carbon chair moooi design black high tech materials