The ultra-flat glass radiator from Sprinz with digital print motifs

electric glass radiator supratherm sprinz digital printing

The electric one Glass radiator “Supratherm” from Sprinz is super elegant and completely customizable. This flat radiator brings a touch of aesthetics and modern warmth to your bathroom. This modern glass radiator is made of safety glass and uses the latest technologies in heating technology.

Elegant glass radiator with towel rail

glass radiator supratherm wall towel holder

This glass heater provides the same amount of heat and takes up significantly less space with its simple, flat shape. The ultra-thin sheet of glass can be printed with your favorite photo, pattern or almost any digital image and looks amazingly realistic. This way you can add a special personal touch to your modern bathroom. The free-standing variant of the Glass radiator comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.

Flat glass radiator in the bathroom

glass radiator frosted glass wall mounting sprinz

Wall mounting is also available and is particularly suitable for bathroom design because the model is combined with a towel rail. If the Supratherm glass heater has not been printed, its clear appearance is almost invisible, but you can feel its presence immediately. Powerful, beautiful and very functional.

Glass heating and bathroom design by Sprinz

glass radiator sprinz wall orange white bathroom