The story of Roche Bobois and modern furniture design

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-colorful-pillows

Roche Bobois is a company that modern furniture design and is run by two different French families. The company dates back to 1950 when Jacques Roche bought an old theater in Paris and opened its first two stores. Together with his two sons Philippe and Francois, he developed the business and soon the company stood out as one of the best modern furniture designs in the country. Around this time another French family, the Chouchans, started their own company in Paris. Little by then, the two families had no idea that they would soon meet and join their businesses to create this famous Roche Bobois brand.

Modern furniture design by Roche Bobois and its history

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-sofa

The important meeting of the Roches and the Chouchans happened in 1960 at the Copenhagen Salon expo, which they both attended. Together they designed their first catalog for modern furniture design and a nationwide advertising campaign began. That was the beginning of their great success, which led to the merger of the two companies and the creation of new brand names. Over the next forty years, Roche Bobois continued to develop, constantly following the latest trends in the world of interior design. They have even exported their business worldwide and become popular in many countries in and outside Europe.

Modern furniture design recognized around the world

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-sofa-with-coffee-tables

The company focuses on innovative modern design in which each piece of furniture has its own special character. The ideas for the products are usually inspired by different personalities, which results in really unique and extraordinary pieces. The modern furniture from Roche Bobois is a colorful, energetic journey through different cultures and times. The designs come to life thanks to the designers’ vivid imagination and the high quality materials they use.

Do you find the work of this united brand inspiring? Then you should take a look at our pictures below.

  black sofa with colorful decorative pillows

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-black-colorful-cushions

white sofa

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-white-sofa

Baroque interior

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-vintage-interior

classic interior

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-classic-interior

Mah Jong sofa

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-mah-jong

white sofa with backrests

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-comfortable-sofa

Glass dining table

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-glass-table

Fresh design

Roche Bobois-modern-furniture-design-freshness

modern furniture design

Roche Bobois modern furniture design 

By K.H. Christova