The Piccadilly collection from Boca do Lobo – a mix of styles in furniture design

piccadilly collection boca do lobo cabinet emerald green wood

BOCA DA LOBO, the ingenious manufacturer of wonderful furniture, adds a sensual touch to each of its pieces of furniture. This famous Portuguese company has once again amazed everyone with its new limited edition Piccadilly collection. Named after the Piccadilly Circus in London, the Piccadilly collection includes some of the brand’s finest cabinet and sideboard designs. The designer Marco Costa and his team have created this magnificent furniture, which is a combination of modern, traditional and futuristic style.

The Piccadilly collection – a unique mix of styles

piccadilly collection boca do lobo a mix of classic and modern styles

Take a look at the Piccadilly closet. On the outside, it looks like a frozen moment between two generations, while the inside of the cabinet is clean and exquisite. The elegant and spacious cabinet has four drawers and two shelves and a classic dome-shaped element on the cabinet door. The elegant interior is decorated with fine dark wood and a mirrored surface, which create a fascinating visual effect when the doors are opened. The Piccadilly buffet cabinet is available in a variety of styles including black, emerald green and gold leaf. This cabinet will undoubtedly beautify your living room and adapt to any style.

The Piccadilly collection from Boca do Lobo

piccadilly cupboard boca do lobo classic modern mix of styles

the Piccadilly collection consists of beautiful pieces of furniture that are passionately and handcrafted by a design team from Portugal. They have combined the traditional designs of the classic cabinets and dressers with the fabulous additions in the digital age to give them a pixelated look and charismatic functionality. Each of the innovative designs from the collection represents a fine and dynamic dichotomy between traditional elegance and modern styles.

four drawers and two shelves

   piccadilly collection boca do lobo cupboard drawers shelves

mirrored surface

piccadilly cabinet boca do lobo wood shelves mirrored

Gold leaf, wood and emerald green

piccadilly cabinet boca do lobo drawers gold leaf wood emerald green

decorated handles

piccadilly cabinet drawer handles boca do lobo

classic elements and modern accentspiccadilly sideboard classic modern red black boca do lobo

red and dark graypiccadilly sideboard boca do lobo red shelf mini drawers

Piccadilly sideboard in beigepiccadilly sideboard beige classic modern boca do lobo piccadilly collection boca do lobo sideboard pixelated