The peacock armchair made of rattan goes perfectly with the trendy boho-chic style

Pfauenthron Peacock chair adorned with dahlias

The peacock chair (from the English Peacock Chair) was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s and has celebrated its big comeback in recent years. With its elaborately woven details and the unmistakable fan-like shape of the backrest, the peacock chair will immediately attract attention. The rattan armchair also goes perfectly with the boho-chic style, which has also recently become very popular with designers and homeowners. Just like the majestic peacock, this rattan throne cannot be overlooked and becomes an eye-catcher in the room.

Origin and interesting facts about the peacock armchair

Peacock armchair design icon white rattan Brigitte Bardot Cher

Unfortunately, today we don’t know exactly who the designer of the distinctive piece of furniture is. But the place of origin is Southeast Asia, namely the Philippines. The Peacock chairs were first imported into the USA for the 1876 World’s Fair in Philadelphia. The Peacock Throne quickly became a celebrity hit. Many celebrities were photographed in a peacock chair back then: Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Charlie Chapman, Brigitte Bardot and Truman Capote are just a few of them.

Peacock armchair background backdrop photoshooting fashion

At the beginning of the 20th century, the exotic rattan armchair with its boho-chic charm became an integral part of photo studios, salons and smoking rooms in affluent homes. With the increasing demand, the chairs were mass-produced. Initially, the peacock chair was in the natural color of the rattan. But nowadays there are more and more colorful models. Colors such as white, turquoise, pink or even black are particularly popular.

Features of the peacock chair

Peacock armchair rattan boho decor ethnic style furnishing backrest

Due to its fan-shaped backrest, the peacock chair is rightly associated with the magnificent bird. The pattern of the backrest can resemble bird feathers or look like an ordinary wickerwork. All in all, all peacock chairs look majestic and bring a very special flair to the room.

Peacock armchair made of rattan, different patterns in the weave

Modern interpretations of the peacock chair

Peacock armchair rattan backrest flowers BnB Italia Crinoline

Of course, the classic peacock chair looks unique and can compete with many other pieces of furniture art. Yet famous designers like Patricia Urquiola, Hans Wegner and Kenneth Cobonpue interpreted the design in their own way.

Peacock chair wood Danish designer Hans Wegner

In 1947 the Danish designer Hans Wegner developed a new version of the Windsor chair, the back of which spreads out from the bottom up like a peacock wheel. With the deliberately modern lines and the extravagantly shaped wooden rods, the designer opted for ergonomic aesthetics. The flat part is where the shoulder blades rest.

In 2008 Patricia Urquiola created an armchair for B&B Italia designed, which in its shape hardly differs from the famous analog. Instead of rattan, however, it is made of weatherproof synthetic fibers. By the way, the chair also has another name – crinoline.

The world-famous Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue created a modern interpretation of the iconic rattan armchair in 2017. A curved wickerwork imitates the peacock feather pattern and decorates the backrest. Soft seat cushions provide more comfort and round off the overall picture.

Peacock throne as a highlight at parties

Peacock armchair rattan adorned with flowers hen party throne bride to be

Whether for a wedding, a bachelorette party or a baby shower – the boho-chic look is totally on trend. The distinctive backrest of the peacock armchair forms the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot and perfectly focuses on the person sitting. Flowers and garlands can also be attached to the rattan mesh very quickly and easily.

Boho hen party decoration flamingos peacock throne pink

Boho style baby shower peacock armchair white teepee tent

The peacock armchair made of rattan fits many living styles

Peacock armchair in the living room ethno boho interior

The airy wicker chair has impressive dimensions, mainly because of the wide backrest, but it can be integrated particularly nicely into spacious and small rooms. It cuts a fine figure both in the corner of a small bedroom and in a large living-dining room. With embroidered pillows, furs and carpets in an ethnic look, you get a casual boho feeling in your home.

Find the right peacock armchair for you

Peacock armchair black dramatic oriental highlight

New or used, peacock chairs can be found through designers, online, and in some antique stores. Look for a bargain at garage sales, thrift stores, or online auctions. Before deciding on a chair, you should know how much space you have and measure the chair yourself, because peacock chairs can be very different in size. Some models are pretty compact and some are huge.

Give the peacock chair a bright coat of paint

Peacock armchair mint green modern indoor plants reading corner

Due to their throne-like, ornate appearance, peacock chairs are always a very special eye-catcher. In a bright color, the design will stand out even more and can give a room a fresh atmosphere. Colors such as turquoise and white are particularly popular.

The peacock armchair looks particularly luxurious in a winter garden or on a terrace, for example. Surrounded by lush greenery, its shape looks surprisingly harmonious.

Bedroom romantic pink curtains flower pattern pink peacock armchair youth room girl

Peacock armchair rattan pink bedroom teenagers girls

Place the peacock chair against a dark background

Peacock armchair rattan bedroom petrol blue wall color dark pleated blinds

Thanks to the airy, woven material and the dramatic shape, the peacock throne looks particularly good in front of a wall that is painted in bold colors or covered with boldly patterned wallpaper. This will highlight the braid.

Peacock throne in the nursery

Peacock throne pink for children dreamlike decoration in boho chic

The Peacock chair is made for dreamers. For this reason, it is also ideal for the children’s room. The wicker chair looks particularly beautiful when it shines in a fresh, cheerful color. A beautiful and comfortable armchair is also essential in the baby room. In it, parents can be close to their baby and experience many wonderful moments together.

Peacock armchair rattan children's room violin fig white planter

Boho baby room Aftika peacock armchair white furniture light blue wall color

Peacock armchair rattan natural fur cushions tassel garland bedroom

Peacock armchair in white tassel garland seat cushion in gold

Peacock armchair rattan fur blanket large plant winter garden

Bedroom jungle feeling palm peacock chair in mint green

Bedroom in boho chic style rattan wicker macrame

Peacock armchair white living room macrame wall decoration colorful carpet