The outdoor bed – useful tips for planning & great design ideas

garden furniture outdoor bed canopy curtains wood

In order to feel really comfortable in the outdoor area in spring and summer, you need some comfortable furniture on which you can relax perfectly. The choice is huge. Apart from garden furniture in the form of sofas and armchairs, the deck chairs are of course very suitable. But hammocks are also very popular for relaxing. But what better way to do this than a bed? You are sure to already have lounge areas with one Outdoor bed seen. And if you have decided on this comfort in the garden or on the terrace, we would like to help you with a few tips for the outdoor bed. From then on, enjoy your naps outdoors in the fresh air!

Outdoor bed in a sheltered place

mediterranean style outdoor day bed colorful pillows patio design rustic

You shouldn’t start building or choosing an outdoor bed right away. First of all, you have to find the right place. It is best to choose an area that has at least one wall. It is also an advantage because the bed is under a canopy so that you can enjoy a cool shade in summer. Verandas, a covered terrace or a pergola are particularly suitable for this purpose. With regard to the direction of the compass, the morning sun, i.e. the east, is the best choice. In the south and west, you can assume that the area will be overheated and that it will be difficult to stop it. A sheltered and shady place is not all that needs to be considered. As you know, insects, including mosquitoes, are a common thing in summer. This is why you should think carefully about whether you want a lot of plants near your bed. It is true that the outdoor bed then gets a more exotic look. But there are many flies and mosquitoes nesting there, which will make your nap anything but relaxing.

Outdoor bed on a meadow

garden bed romantic red design plant idea

If you don’t have a roof or wall, that doesn’t mean that you have to do without the dream of an outdoor bed. There are just a few additional things you should be aware of. On the one hand, it is an advantage if you make the outdoor bed mobile. That means it should be as easy to convert as possible. This also applies to all furniture that you put on a lawn. The bed needs padding that dries quickly and a canopy. After all, you want to be well prepared on hot days and be able to provide shade quickly. If it covers the entire bed, you can even protect yourself from mosquitos with it. You can avoid visiting crawling insects by adding legs to the outdoor bed. These should be as long and as thin as possible.

Outdoor bed as a swing

canape outdoor bed swing vacation design modern ropes

The swing is by no means something that only children enjoy. Even we adults can hardly imagine anything more romantic and cozy than rocking into the summer evening with our loved ones. The crickets, the starry sky and the scent of summer flowers make this event even more perfect. Make this dream come true simply by attaching an outdoor bed in the form of a swing to the veranda, terrace or garden. Finished variants are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. So it can be round, oval, rectangular or square. The best thing to do is to find an outdoor bed that is the size of the chosen space. Remember that the bed itself is not always very light and that you and other people add weight. So if you’ve decided on a swing, the canopy you want to hang it on should be really stable and able to withstand the load.

Outdoor bed with a modern design for rocking

style modern outdoor bed seesaw throw pillow turquoise beach

Rattan day bed for outdoor use with light blue upholstery

blue cushion idea modern outdoor bed wire design

Oriental terrace with outdoor bed

terrace outdoor bed seating area canopy exotic style

Outdoor day bed decorated with climbing plants

colors bed outdoor pink purple romantic flowers design garden

Asian style outdoor swing bed

asian style patio red bed outdoor wood statue

Rustic outdoor bed made of unprocessed wood

day bed outdoor idea diy wood rustic garden furnishing

Pretty bed made of rattan with turquoise upholstery for the outdoor area

rattan black upholstery cushion turquoise exotic outdoor bed

Veranda in the outdoor area with a vintage-style bed

rustic furnishings vintage veranda outdoor bed white

Outdoor bed in summer colors with a canopy

dreamlike outdoor bed frame wood four-poster bed cushion yellow green

Outdoor bed and sofa in one piece of furniture

outdoor bed veranda terrace pillow stripes wood

terrace furnishing day bed sofa fireplace outdoor wood lounge

outdoor bed rocker modern design rattan green mattress pink accent

garden furniture pergola terrace pool armchair outdoor bed

vintage swing diy pallet pillow outdoor bed

tropical outdoor design day bed canopy pool palm trees

Make your own bed outside veranda upholstery stripes colorful cushions

bed outdoor swing chains orange mattress garden terrace

day bed cocoon rattan round design outdoor beach nature

house mediterranean day bed metal outdoor canape garden design

cozy swing outdoor sofa design ropes cushions

lounge furniture diy outdoor bed pool mattress green lawn

day bed mosquito repellent black upholstery curtain white wood design

carpet porch swing build canopy outdoor bed privacy screen

pergola modern shade outdoor bed rattan black grill metal

colorful day bed outdoor veranda motifs organic curtains

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effective swing bed outdoor patio pillow sun protection

exotic outdoor bed blue cushion pool canopy

wood outdoor bed build pallet sunshade meadow sunbathe

round day bed gray rattan design outdoor furnishing

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set outdoor lounge bed coffee table stool furniture idea

swing around outdoor bed mosquito net tree garden

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rattan deck chair outdoor bed legs lawn lake

Make furniture yourself bed outdoor area veranda romantic

Veranda set up diy swing white romantic rose ceiling

diy idea day bed design wooden sofa colorful decoration pillows flowers

pool area design day bed outdoor relaxation canopy

deck chair bed sunbathing idea wood platform shade protection terrace

wooden day bed white romantic outdoor lounger cushion seat cushion pool

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modern outdoor bed pleated white pool terrace

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