The modern “StarLit” chaise longue made of olive wood – a real spa experience

Chaise longue olive wood starlit welness design

We are all looking for all kinds of relaxing options that can make our hectic lives better, whether at home or elsewhere. “StarLit” is one Olive wood chaise longue, which seems to serve two functions – a lounger in a spa center or a modern chaise longue at home.

“StarLit” chaise longue made of olive wood – Designed by Baldessari e Baldessari

Olive wood chaise longue starpool design balderassi

Designed for Starpool by Baldessari e Baldessari, this day bed seems massive in size, but the olive wood cylinders at both ends are carved in a delicate pattern that breaks the gravity and gently lets the light through. The pattern in the wood is in the form of delicate olive tree leaves. The cylinders are supposed to serve as storage for pillows and blankets and all together make the bed a piece of furniture ideal for a wellness permit.

“StarLit” chaise longue made of olive wood designed for Starpool

Chaise longue in olive wood, baldessari design

No matter where you place it, the modern one looks Olive wood chaise longue so cozy and inviting that you immediately feel like taking a nap. Nothing beats a modern daybed that inspires you to relax, rest or just have time for yourself for a few moments. “StarLit” seems to be the ideal place if you want to pamper yourself. In a spa or to create this atmosphere in your own home.

 Carvings in the shape of olive tree leavesChaise longue made of olive wood starlit spa design cushions

Wooden cylinders serve as storage space   Chaise longue in olive wood memory long cushions cylinder carving

fine wood grain and beautiful carvings

Chaise longue olive wood grain carving day bed

Spa center facility

Olive wood chaise longue spa wellness center facility

Spa center facility

Olive wood chaise longue bed spa center design

Sketch of the structure

Chaise longue olive wood stalrit sketch design structure