The modern loft bed for adults creates more living and storage space

Modern loft bed for adults, open-plan living room, Scandinavian

If you put your bed high in the air, you would be making the most of the space in the room. That modern loft bed for adults is fun and offers a pleasant hiding place. There is something cool and a little playful in the loft bed designs. Not only do you feel hidden, but also light and soaring. And they often have the added advantage that you can not only create a space for peace and quiet, but also accommodate a desk, bookcase, cupboards.

Loft bed for adults creates space for a home office

Modern loft bed for adults floorboard-green-wall-color-desk-below

Here are 20 examples of adult loft beds (forget about the bunk beds in the kid’s room). The designs range from small and space-saving to entire bedrooms that float above the rest of the space. They create an unusual sense of dynamism without losing their stylish look.

Loft bed for adults – make optimal use of the space

modern loft bed for adults living room wallpaper laminate flooring

Some beds are not positioned that high in the room, but only one meter above the floor. The drawers underneath offer additional storage space and are very easy to reach. Sometimes you need a ladder or stairs to climb to the loft bed. Check out these interesting solutions and decide if you want to overcome your fear of heights.

modern loft bed for adults -storage-space-down-cupboards


Loft bed stairs wood drawers storage space

modern home office loft bed stairs recessed lights

loft bed for adults spiral staircase metal wood steps hut

 only one meter above the ground

loft bed adult drawers storage space skylights

Beach house with a summery feel

loft bed for adults aluminum ladder kitchen living area gray green

small bedroom with large windows

modern bedroom stair railing glass window

Bed over the kitchen     loft bed kitchen head country house access garden

Bed under the roof    loft bed adults stairs metal wood hut

Wooden ladder leads to the reading area

Loft bed adults wood ladder bed reading corner private

Loft bed adults roof save dining area matt

loft bed adults loft kitchen country house white

Loft bed attic floor skylights airy light

top floor skylights books double bed high

loft bed adult white drawer tread curtains

modern bedroom high bed railing matt glass

loft bed adults wood paneling fireplace forest house living room

small hut forest loft bed ladder compact

loft bed cat lying over door pillow