The melting chair design by Philipp Aduatz

modern chair design melting illusion Philipp Aduatz

This is surprising more and more modern Chair design with unusual shapes and concepts that require a deeper understanding from us in order to accept their uniqueness. An artist’s eye or the inventor’s mind is required to fully enjoy the ingenious ideas of designers. Nowadays, special designs are presented to the public, created mainly by artists, and only then by furniture designers.

The melting chair design with an original concept

philipp Aduatz original chair design melting polyethane

That melting Chair design is part of this category of designer furniture, which stands on the border between art and furniture. This is a Chair design so beautiful that it reflects everything around it, gives a nice shine and a unique look to the room.

The original chair design by Philipp Aduatz

original chair design Philipp Aduatz the melting chair

That melting chair design depicts the shapes of the chairs, but upon closer observation it appears to melt on the floor. Its mirror surface will enchant you and invite you to find the ideal place for this original chair in your home. The melting chair design is covered with a special cover – silver, scratch-resistant polyurethane paint. Thatmelting chair design is produced in a limited series.

The chair’s designer, Philip Aduatz, says that his intention was to view and film the transformation of a sculpture. The melting chair is designed in such a way that it appears to the viewer as a process at a standstill. The melting of the stool or the hardening of a liquid melt in the form of a stool. This statement from the designer adds a deeper understanding of the design and production of this incredible designer chair.

silver reflective surface

Philipp Aduatz melting chair original concept

In order to create a realistic illusion, the designer examined the hardening of liquid masses and the melting of the hard particles, and used modern 3D software for the animation.

That melting chair design has the following proportions 95 x 93 x 78 cm, a special silver cover and scratch-resistant lacquered polyurethane.

B. Angelov