The magic of Alcantara fabric ® – versatile and high quality

Alcantara fabric furniture cover living room set

Alcantara ® sounds like a magical mantra, a little like Abracadabara. Indeed it is Alcantara fabric ® an innovative material like no other. This unique and versatile modern furnishing fabric was first developed in Italy in the 1970s and is specially adapted to the requirements of the 21st century. Of the Alcantara fabric ® is easy to see, fabulous to touch and super practical.

The Alcantara Stoff ® – extremely versatile, modern textile fabric

Alcantara fabric cushion cover easy-care

Of the Alcantara fabric ® is not just a luxurious material created solely for interior design. This versatile modern fabric has numerous exciting uses, including fashion design and accessories. The magical fabric is available in an infinite range of fabulous colors, patterns and sensual textures. But now the focus is on interior and furniture design.

Alcantara fabric ® – a luxurious material

Alcantara fabric brown living room furniture design

The soft, pliable Alcantara ® is particularly suitable for upholstering furniture with sculptural shapes and is preferred by many leading furniture manufacturers and interior designers. Established designers such as Marcel Wanders, Paulo Navone, Piero Lissoni and Giullo Cappellini have chosen this material. Cappellini used this versatile modern fabric for a fascinating and funny installation entitled ‘The Future Landscape’ in the 2012 Fuori Salone. This not only shows the versatility and beauty of the Alcantara fabric ®, but also the company’s commitment to making a completely environmentally friendly product.

 Light textile care for hectic everyday life

Alcantara fabric upholstery sofa white living room

The easy-care qualities from Alcantara fabric ® are particularly attractive to people with the hectic lifestyles of the 21st century. This textile is extremely durable and can withstand almost anything. Alcantara is considerably insensitive to dirt, so daily maintenance only requires a duster or vacuum cleaner. Washing is usually only necessary once a year. How cool is that? In addition to the low maintenance requirements, this innovative and versatile textile has additional energy-saving effects that are also good for protecting the natural environment.

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“Tulip” armchair by Cappelinni

Alcantara fabric capellini tulip armchair

Garment armchair by Cappellini

cappellini garment armchair in Alcantara fabric

Sofa design by Ligne Roset  Alcantara fabric ligne roset sofa design

Alcantara upholstery fabric

Alcantara fabric white sofa living room

Armchair design with Alcantara upholstery

Alcantara upholstery armchair design

gray upholstery

Alcantara fabric armchair gray upholstery

Living room furniture

Alcantara upholstery living room white

Alcantara® – modern and easy to care for

Alcantara textiles easy-care modern sofa upholstery fabric  Alcantara fabric ligne roset sofa upholstery