The “Leaf” folding chair – artful and groundbreaking folding technology

Folding chair Leaf dining room furniture aluminum stainless steel

The designer of Folditure, Alexander Gendell, is the author of an interesting project inspired by his travels. The artist’s idea is to create a design that is not only functional, but also original, aesthetic and space-saving. The “Leaf” folding chair can be used in the dining room as well as in the living room, office, outdoors or simply as an art object.

The folding chair by Folditure with an artistic and avant-garde silhouette

Folding chair Leaf art object living room

Most people don’t expect to find comfort in folding furniture, but Leaf will surprise you with the possibilities it offers. The backrest is large and ergonomic to support the back along its entire length. The seat is relaxing, made of solid materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

The “Leaf” folding chair with innovative folding technology


The “Leaf” is a perfect chair for your dining area. Unlike most folding chairs, it has an ornate look and looks nice around a dining table. It is actually a delightful eye-catcher and probably wouldn’t need to be folded and put away. When not in use, Leaf serves as a work of art with its ornate and avant-garde silhouette, original appearance and elegant presence in the interior. It is important to mention that after it has been folded, its width is an amazing 2 cm!

only 2 cm wide when folded

Folding chair-Leaf-space-saving-furniture

A stainless steel aluminum frame, stainless steel hinge, used in aircraft construction, and other high quality materials are used for this art object. These make it resistant to meteorological conditions, which is why it is also ideal for outdoor use. The “Leaf” folding chair fits perfectly in any interior design, but at the same time it plays the role of a main element.

ideal for the outdoor area


red version


Folding chair-Leaf-Folditure-Alexander-gendell

B. Angelov