The JO furniture series by Andreas Janson – creatively processed wood scraps

shelving system jo49 bookshelf jo furniture series wood blanks andreas janson

the JO furniture series from Andreas Janson presents us with visually appealing designs that are also really resource-efficient. The Hamburg carpenter Andreas Janson developed this collection with the aim of not throwing away leftover wood, but rather using it creatively. Beautiful tables and shelves can be built from the wood waste.

JO furniture series by Andreas Janson – JO49 shelving system

jo49 shelving system wood scraps modern design jo furniture series andreas janson

JO 49 is a shelving system that looks almost sculptural. The user can adapt his shelf to his needs and achieve different shelf heights.

 JO furniture series by Andreas Janson made from scraps of wood

jo furniture series Andreas Janson JO49 shelving system

jo49 shelving system design furniture series by Andreas Janson

JO21 wall shelf

JO Möbel series Andreas Janson wall shelf wood waste reuse

JO furniture series by Andreas Janson jo21 wall shelf wood scraps

Andreas Janson JO21 wall shelf reuse wood scraps creatively

The wall shelf JO 21 is a compact storage space servant that is ideal for the hallway. 3 shelves are connected with a console. The asymmetrical design makes the shelf a fascinating decorative element on the wall. A groove has been milled into the bottom shelf where the keys can be hung.

JO98 living room table with castors

living room table jo 98 design andreas janson resource-saving jo98 living room table roll use scraps of wood jo89 living room table reuse wood scraps carpentry

JO 98 is a simple living room table made of solid oak. Its design is reminiscent of Scandinavian simplicity. Different heights can be set individually by layering the individual panels. The table is very mobile because it is on castors. The wood panels are coated with white melamine, while the real wood edges remain untreated. JO 98 can also be used as a side, couch and media table.

JO84 and JO91 kitchen table

jo furniture andreas janson column table small kitchen compact

kitchen table jo91 andreas janson round tabletop kitchen table jo84 andreas janson plinth square small

jo84 kitchen table pillar table kitchen small andreas janson

JO 84 and JO 91 are two kitchen tables with a beautifully compact design and only one supporting pillar. The wood is a North German ash with a pleasant look. The table also offers space for small items on a shelf under the table top. JO 84’s top is square, while its brother is round.