The innovative lounge and relaxation armchairs by the designer Alexander Christoff

Lounge and relaxation armchair sensation design alexander christoff

The designer Alexander Christoff developed a taste for Lounge and relaxation armchairs with unusual shapes and concepts. Of the F1 lounge chair is a tribute to Ferrari – fiery red with an odd footrest. Inspired by the classic F1 racing car and ergonomically shaped to follow the contours of the human body. This stroller-style recliner is made of fiberglass with chromed steel legs and padded adjustable headrest. You can see in the picture how closely it follows the lines of a real racing car. This Formula 1 design is perfect for Ferrari fans and racing car enthusiasts, but unfortunately it’s still just a design concept.

 Lounge and relaxation armchairs with an unusual design – F1 inspired

Relax chair f1 back line follow racing car look

This Outdoor lounge chair looks comfortable and a little futuristic. It is made of white fiberglass with a soft padding in 3 colors. The “Sensation” armchair also built in a small screen. So the owner can watch his favorite TV shows while relaxing on this recliner. The “Swing armchair” has a simple ergonomic design, which again ensures relaxation of the whole back.

 Lounge and relaxation armchair “Sensation”  Recliner fiberglass white futuristic leather

Outdoor lounge chair on the beach

Lounge recliner concept designer alexander christoff bulgaria

F1 lounge recliner – fire red, shiny and dynamic

Lounge and relaxation armchair F1 ferrari design fire red gloss

  Ferrari inspired conceptLounge and relaxation armchair f1 designer alexander christoff ergonomic

fire red lounge chair designLounge chair ferrari racing car line

Fiberglass and stainless steel combination

Lounge chair fiberglass stainless steel design Lounge and relaxation armchairs ferrari fan enthusiast

Relax chair f1 lounge fiberglass silver headrest

“Swing” designer armchair follows the lines of the bodyLounge relax armchair swing alexander christoff

Lounge and relax armchair waveform concept white

swing lounge chair relax alexander christoff

Furniture seating group with an interesting design seating group alexander christoff interior design