The furniture design classics – iconic armchair is reinterpreted

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The Italian designer Alessandro Mendini created an iconic armchair in 1978 – Proust is the name of the design that celebrated its world premiere at the time. The piece of furniture caused a sensation and over the years its popularity has even grown – that’s why it is one of the absolute nowadays Furniture design classics.

Furniture design classics – classic armchair with a modern touch

Look wood carving upholstery attractive upholstery

The eclectic piece of furniture combines classic with modern – the richly ornamented wooden construction is inspired by the baroque, the attractive upholstery gives a modern touch. Over the years, the expressive Proust armchair has been presented in a new look over and over again – until now, the emphasis has been on the colorful upholstery. But in this, the chair was reinterpreted especially for an exhibition by the Italian company Solid Spaces, which produces tiles from marble. The designer was inspired by the simplicity and timeless elegance of the natural stone and covered the armchair in an attractive fabric with a marble look. The end result is impressive – the eclectic piece of furniture presents a successful connection between a distinctive sense of style and elegant modernity. No wonder that the armchair attracted the attention of visitors. The new look is still definitive proof that it is one of the most popular Furniture design classics heard.

Furniture design classics – armchair in marble look by Alessandro Mendini

Marble look leather upholstery design classic furniture

The Proust armchair is the work of the renowned architect Alessandro Mendini, who has been one of the most famous Italian designers since the 1950s. The mix is ​​characteristic of him – you can see details from different eras and styles in one piece of furniture. Many of his Furniture design classics were created in the 70s and 80s and are still enjoying increasing popularity these days.

The attractive piece of furniture is an eclectic mix of styles

Furniture design ideas armchair wood carving leather

Skull as decoration of the backrest

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White armchair – design inspired by the minimalist style

Wood carving frame classic eclectic pieces of furniture

The armchair used to be upholstered in brightly colored fabrics

Furniture wood carving pixel inspired upholstery armchair

Armchair in three colors – orange, green and blue

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As an accent to the modern interior

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Design bedrooms in an eclectic style

Armchair wooden floor glass table bed frame wall design

Armchair upholstered in comic heroes

Komikhelde armchair, eclectic upholstery by Alessandro Mendini

Armchair with original patterns

Armchair iconic 70s design furniture classics

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