The extendable dining table with an architectural look by Matthew Burt

 Dining table around modern designer furniture beech wood

We present you a collection that will surely inspire you. Of the extendable dining table by Matthew Burt looks ultra-modern and stylish.

The extendable dining table – a stylish addition to the interior

Round table dining room wood construction oak lacquered

If you have limited space, you always try to save space. Here comes the extendable dining table to help. The designer Matthew Burt specializes in the production of chic wooden tables. Founded 30 years ago, the experienced carpenter’s family business combines elegance with functionality in one design. The furniture company pays the utmost attention to the details – this is where the rich experience of the employees comes to the rescue. The models are all custom-made and are cut to size to match the interior. The wooden furniture has an architectural look and unusual shape. Sometimes the table constructions imitate shapes from nature, and sometimes they follow strict geometric shapes. The wood / oak or beech wood / is varnished. While the construction is designed according to the minimalist building principles, the choice of materials is traditional for the English style – wood.

The extendable dining table by Matthew Burt combines tradition and modernity

Extendable dining room set up round shape

The solid wood tables are made in several parts that can then be assembled. This is the way he is extendable dining table by Matthew Burt a flexible option – it takes up very little space when not in use. But if you expect a lot of guests, it can be pulled out and offer enough seats for everyone. The wooden tables are perfect for both classic and modern facilities. Enjoy the designs of the English company – we were particularly fascinated by the attention to the details!

Dining table in the shape of a tree leaf

Detail modern form solid wood construction

Tree leaf-shaped table – detail

modern wood construction english designer furniture detail

Wooden table for the dining room or the conference room

Shape conference room dining room modern design

Lacquered wooden dining table

Look wood two legs painted beech wood

High-quality designer furniture – custom-made

lacquered wood detail English furniture

Original wooden construction and rustic look

Dining table extendable one leg wood construction rustic

Low dining table in a minimalist style

Furniture dining table shelves low wood

Oak wooden table

low dining table wood design shelves square shape

The “Kompass” dining table

modern wood furniture design ideas

Round table in the dining room

Round table dining room extendable wood classic