The dressing table does not go out of style

Dressing table -renovation-light blue-color

Surely everyone in their house has old furniture that has not yet been fully used and is still not needed. Have you perhaps inherited some furniture from your grandmother that you are very fond of and that reminds you of your childhood, but which you still cannot use? Think again. We give you some exciting ideas on how to successfully renovate one of the most popular pieces of furniture of all women – the Dressing table.

Renovated dressing table with a classic look


Of the Dressing table plays a big role in every woman’s everyday life. Usually it is in the bedroom, where we make ourselves pretty after a refreshing shower or before going out. Traditionally, a dressing table consists of several elements – a cabinet with plenty of storage space and separate compartments for make-up and hair accessories, a comfortable chair and a large mirror. We’ll give you some advice on how to do that Dressing table renovate and refresh in your bedroom.

Dressing table renovation – Shabby chic

old dressing table drawers

The first thing you should note is how you have the corresponding free space available. You should be able to move around freely in the bedroom, so if the dressing table is too big, you should consider another place – perhaps in a cozy corner in the living room. The piece of furniture should be well lit – sunlight during the day and discreet built-in lighting in the evening. Woodier Dressing table basically easy to renovate – you have to repaint it. Play with the colors and set accents – with colored patterns or decorations. Make sure you choose the right chair – the chair should be comfortable and match the design of the table. It is important that the chair is not too high.

old dressing table with renovate design

old-dressing table-renovate

Decide on the size of the mirror – do you only need it for make-up, or do you want to build in a larger mirror? It is best, and easiest, to use the original design from the Dressing table preserve as much as possible. Decorate the vintage piece of furniture with fresh flowers, or arrange your perfumes on the table as a decoration – and you have set up your new favorite place!

wonderful dressing table made of glass


Vintage table lamp and glazed dressing table


spectacular mirror and dressing table

spectacular-mirror-make-up table

black beam old hairdresser


Dressing table with mirror on the drawers

glass dressing table

Dressing table – classic design with a modern look

Dressing table-classic-design-new-look