The classic furniture by Francesco Molon – pure glamor from Italy!

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Nothing creates a glamorous and exclusive atmosphere like that classic furniture. The Italian brand Francesco Molon has long been known for its royal-style furniture. But they have now tried something new – namely, elements from neoclassicism and minimalism have been skillfully combined. In the end, a stylish eclectic ambience was created that reminds us of film sets from the 50s.

The classic furniture as an accent in the eclectic interior

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The designs from the company’s Eclectica collection Francesco Molon are not typical classic furniture  in neoclassical style. The high-gloss surfaces in red, black and white, which are fundamental to the minimalist living style, give the interior a kick. The eclectic mix of classic and modern enhances the design of the furniture. Noble materials such as mahogany wood, fur and leather make the furnishings look glamorous. Soft oval shapes and tender floral patterns dominate the room and bring a romantic touch from bygone times. The two-seater sofas have a wooden frame, the coffee tables are low and richly ornamented. The beds of the noble brand fascinate with an oversized, leather-covered headboard.

Glamorous furnishing ideas from Italy – the classic furniture from Molon

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 Precise manufacturing with great attention to detail is the hallmark of the Italians. the classic furniture von Molon are made using traditional processing techniques from the region. So that the beautiful furniture can come into its own, it is combined with glamorous chandeliers, home accessories and mirrors.

Hollywood-style glamor – living room in red and white

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Elegant furniture in black and white

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Library with bookshelves and a small round table in the middle of the room

eclectic mix of styles small table vases flower pattern

Kitchen with a classic kitchen rack and two bar stools in a neoclassical style

Bar chairs flowers ornaments modern lighting

The mirror as an accent in the living room

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Eclectic bar stools in red and black

Steel red leather comfortable eclectic furniture design

Upholstered wooden chair made of mahogany wood

Furniture chair wood fabric upholstery ideas seat cushion

A cozy day bed with soft, sinuous shapes

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Furnish the bedroom in a classic living style

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Dining room with long table in white

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Classic style bedroom

Bedroom floral pattern ottoman fabric leather chairs

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Design reclining chair comfortably covered with mahogany wood leather

Wooden table two seater sofa vase upholstered furniture design ideas

Living room furniture design ideas wood wall panels

cozy sitting area zebra pattern rug inspired by colonial style