The aluminum designer dining table PicNYC – Green meadow in the middle of the dining room

Designer dining table PicNYC aluminum frame wooden bench

Picnics are great fun, but are not always practical when faced with bad weather or when you want to see a green space in winter. To turn any meal into a green field picnic, have it Haiko Cornelissen Architects this Aluminum designer dining table “PicNYC” designed to bring the outdoor experience right into your dining room. And if you accidentally spill water on your glass … don’t worry! It would help the grass grow faster!

The designer dining table PicNYC brings nature into the living room

Designer dining table PicNYC haiko cornelissen gras

The natural one Designer dining table has an aluminum frame, sturdy square legs and a tray-like tabletop. Stones are laid on the ground, on top of which is the sod. When you water the grass, the water runs down into the stones. Sunlight, watering and normal climatic conditions determine the appearance of the dining table. Unfortunately, there is no mini lawn mower, so cutting grass should be done by hand with scissors. The green table could also be planted with herbs, flowers or wheatgrass.

Designer dining table PicNYC by Haiko Cornelissen Architects

Designer dining table aluminum frame turf top

This Designer dining table by Haiko Cornelissen makes the audience think about the fast growing urban trend. The table brings the picnic experience in the hectic city and even in your own home. The Amsterdam-based architecture firm describes the table as “a surreal experience of nature in the city that literally transforms the dining experience. Nature is an elegant backdrop and table decorations suddenly go into the past.

  exceptional dining experiencePicNYC dining table esserlebnis green meadow close to nature

Natural design  Dining table design PicNYC haiko cornelissen natural design

Green glass meadow on the table

Designer dining table PicNYC green grass meadow dining room

Green aluminum dining table

Dining table design PicNYC alluminium wooden bench dinner meadow

Piece of lawn on the table

alu designer dining table PicNYC piece of lawn table top


Dining table design PicNYC haiko cornelissen plan sketch