The Acapulco designer chair for the interior – history & ideas

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You may have heard of, or at least seen, the Acapulco chair. This currently trendy chair is actually a model from the 50s and 60s, which you may have already recognized in the design. Like many objects and designs from the past, this one is too designer chair very popular and, like the Eames chair, a popular piece of furniture for interior design. We have some past facts about the Acapulco chair and some ideas for setting it up for you.

Acapulco designer chair – where does it come from?

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As you can already guess, the designer chair has something to do with the popular resort of Acapulco. Namely, this Mexican place was a popular travel destination in the 50s and 60s. Many celebrities spent their days off there, including Jackie and John Kennedy on their honeymoon. Liz Taylor chose this location again for her wedding.

Designer chair with a retro flair

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It is said that a tourist from France also visited the place in the 1950s. As he rested in a sturdy chair, he felt uncomfortably hot. A look at the nearby, airy hammocks, which were typical of the Maya, then gave him the idea of ​​designing an equally airy chair that is perfect for the tropics.

Modern furniture with colored chairs

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Whether this legend is true or not, the fact is that the designer chair was created in the 50s and quickly became a popular piece of furniture in Mexico. The chair usually consists of a metal frame covered with tight vinyl string. The shape is somewhat reminiscent of a pear. While it was mainly used for outdoors at the time, it is now a trendy piece of furniture for indoors.

Modern variants

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The pear shape was later transformed again and again by designers. This resulted in rounder versions, two-seaters or those made of leather. All in all, the Acapulco designer chair combines the exotic, the modern and the glamor of the stars. Now take a look at other ideas for designing rooms with the attractive chair.

Designer chair in bright colors


The designer chair is not only offered in neutral colors. It is even very often chosen in a strong color to set an interesting color accent. Pieces of furniture with a similar design can also be combined very well with it, such as the modern floor lamps above, whose stands were inspired by the chair.

Decorate the chair with fur


In the cold seasons it can get a little too airy on the designer chair even inside. In this case, it can be wonderfully adorned with a blanket or stylish fur, which then also has a decorative effect at the same time. A cushion promises additional comfort and makes the chair look more homely.

Designer chair made of metal and plastic


Modern chairs like the Acapulco chair can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture. So it can take on the role of an armchair and be combined with a stool, the design of which, as in one of the examples above, can be the same as that of the chair or have a completely different style as here.

Acapulco rocking chair


Like the Eames chair, which has a completely different origin, the Acapulco designer chair can be converted into a rocking chair. You dream of a cozy reading corner in the house, don’t you? The frame is again made of metal and comfort is provided by the white fur that adorns the black chair in a contrasting way.

Designer chair in yellow

designer-chair-mini-children-idea-children's room-design

You can also buy the Acapulco designer chair to furnish a children’s room. The colorful variants are particularly suitable there. Create a cozy reading corner for the little ones and equip it with comfortable designer chairs to guarantee the best possible comfort.

Furnish your apartment


Whether you match the color of the chair to the other furniture or choose a contrasting color, it will be an eye-catcher and a decorative object either way. Combine with other retro furniture like this buffet, as well as with decorations like the crocheted rug.

Combine several colors

designer-chair-acapulco-green-black-fur-deco-coffee table-wood

You get a certain patchwor look when you combine several Acapulco designer chairs in different colors. As you can see, a designer chair can also consist of different colors. There are no limits to the design of the model. Bring a tropical retro flair into your own home!