Swivel armchairs made of leather – 20 models for complete relaxation


Comfortable armchairs are a great idea if you feel like relaxing without losing the elegance and style of your interior. There are countless models ranging from puristic design to matching variants for the vintage style, as well as modern designs. The material can also vary, but what is more noble than good old leather? We’ll try to give you an insight with the following list of 20 impressive examples of one Swivel armchair made of leather To provide.

1. Swivel armchair made of leather “Shrimp” by Cor

Swivel armchair-white-adjustable-Shrimp-Cor-headrest-ergonomic-design

You will fall in love with this swivel armchair made of leather at first sight. The impressive design is combined with a comfortable sitting experience. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go without it. In addition to the armchair, there is also a stool to put the legs up.

2. Soho Eye Ball swivel armchair made of leather

Swivel armchair-made-of-leather-Soho-Eye-Ball-Aluminum-Brown-Leather-Metallic-Look

If you are looking for an extravagant piece of furniture, this swivel armchair made of aluminum and brown leather is just right for you. It’s reminiscent of an egg and you’ve probably noticed it in many a Hollywood film.

3. Hangout armchair from Bretz

Swivel-armchair-with-high-backrest-blue-Hangout-Bretz-living dreams

This luxurious leather swivel armchair also includes a stool. Its shape offers maximum comfort and its brown leather exudes elegance. The rocker function, which can be set in several stages, ensures that every time you sit down is a great experience.

4. Swivel armchair made of leather “Imola” by BoConcept


The Imola swivel armchair is offered by the manufacturer in various colors and optionally made of fabric or leather.

5. “Gerard High” armchair


The elegant design of this impressive leather swivel armchair is truly timeless. The plate base is made of chrome. The sitting and lying position can be adjusted according to your desired position. The same goes for the headrest. The leather swivel armchair designed by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort Lorenzen creates a real feeling of luxury.

6. DIVA swivel armchair in white leather


The manufacturer Willi Schillig is known for its high-quality leather furniture. This swivel armchair made of leather impresses with a simple yet elegant design, to which, among other things, the luxurious-looking white leather contributes.

7. Designer swivel armchair from Kare Design

Design chair-high-armchair-swivel-steel frame-Spacelab-vintage-KARE-DESIGN

Would you like to just put your feet up and relax after a hard day at work or a long walk? Then this armchair is just right for you. It is not only extremely comfortable, but also impresses with a great design.

8. Smartville armchair from BoConcept

Swivel armchair-made-of-leather-Smartville-BoConcept-armrests-ergonomic

The armchair has a swivel and tilt function. The leather, in turn, is available in different colors. Freshen up your interior with this piece of jewelry.

9. Leather swivel armchair from Red Stitch


The design comes from the Dutch designer Marico Mulders. And the armchair not only looks wonderful, but also offers cozy moments in which you can read a book, for example. The leather is also waxed. An armchair that is worth the investment!

10. Orea armchair by Jori


The swivel armchair made of leather offers the best sitting and lying comfort. The design impresses with its clear lines and a combination of leather and wood that create a warm atmosphere.

11. “Safira” swivel armchair by Koinor


In addition to its swivel function, this wonderful armchair also offers other great extras. For example, what would you say about a massage function or a stand-up aid? You get all of that with this impressive model. The swivel armchair takes relaxation to a whole new level.

12. “So Quiet” armchair

Swivel armchair-made-of-leather-fabric-cover-optional-stool-SO-QUIET-Roche-Bobois

This impressive leather swivel armchair is from Roche Bobois. The special feature of this example is the adjustable headrest. And the combination of black and yellow is also a real eye catcher. However, other variants are also offered in terms of color. So the seams and buttons can create great accents. So there is something suitable for every facility.

13. “Rob” armchair by Cor


This stylish swivel armchair is available in both fabric and leather. Would you like to lie down or take a nap for a while? Then use the remote control to transform the armchair into a lounger.

14. “Invision” armchair


This armchair with a swivel base is the work of the Koinor company. The brown leather looks very elegant. The swivel armchair not only looks comfortable, it is too!

15. Idaho by Jori


With this model you get a lounger and an armchair in one. The backrest and the foot part are adjustable and can be adapted to your needs.

16. Regin II by Poltrona Frau


Would you like a cozy swivel armchair made of leather in vintage style that also looks very elegant? Then you should consider this model. It is made of fine white leather. The interesting shapes of the armchair ensure perfect seating comfort.

17. Swivel armchair made of leather “Bomber”

Round armchair-swivel-white-leather-cover-BOMBER-ergonomic-design-language

The apparently compact design in no way diminishes the comfort that this armchair offers. Whether in red, black or white, it transforms into a real eye catcher in every room. It is also very suitable as a cozy bar stool.

18. “Badminton” – A design by ITEM Designworks

Badminton-design-armchair-rotatable-ITEM-Designworks-leg frame-flexible

This leather swivel armchair combines perfect design with comfort. The color combination of white, black and brown or red is particularly effective and elegant. The armchair is ideal as an office armchair. Receive your customers in style!



The OMEGA swivel armchair has a particularly original design with its round backrest and unevenly shaped seat. However, that shouldn’t put you off in any way, because the seating feeling is still fantastic.

20. Parabolica


This model is also perfect for lovers of abstract design. The armchair was designed by the designer Stefan Heiliger. Thanks to the different colors, there is something suitable for every interior. Make yourself comfortable by putting your legs up or just sitting in them normally.