Storage and shelving systems made of wood for private purposes

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We offer you 16 ideas for inspiration on how to bring order to the living room. the Storage and shelving systems made of wood bring Scandinavian design into modern interiors and are practical additions that can be converted in different ways.

Storage and shelving systems made of wood – Scandinavian flair for your interior

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The designer group Muuto has long been known for its innovative storage space and storage solutions for the modern home. Your creative Storage and shelving systems combine Scandinavian style with practicality. The end result is trendy, simple and very creative models that can be easily converted. The concept is simple – several different wooden boxes are creatively connected together to create a unique wall shelf. Depending on the purpose / for books, for decorative objects or as storage of works of art / the different sizes and shapes can be bound together. The designers offer everyone the opportunity to create a design according to the space available. The possibilities are practically endless – you can let a shelving system “grow” in height or width.

Storage and shelving systems made of wood – a practical addition to the living room

Living room wall shelf design small apartment set up

We have just presented some of the most interesting concepts for you. The models are offered in two colors – natural wood color and white color. Simple clamps connect the individual parts. In this way, you can quickly remove and transport the wooden cushions if necessary. the Storage and shelving systems made of wood can even successfully replace a wall unit. If you have a small living room, you can have the shelves built under the stairwell, for example. Even rooms with a sloping ceiling, for which it is otherwise difficult to find furniture, benefit from the shelving system. For maximum effect, combine the shelves with Scandinavian furniture – yellow armchairs and gray sofa, small coffee table and of course carpet with stripes. The Muuto designers have set a trend that already has many fans – and we are definitely enthusiastic about the idea!

Living room shelving system wood Scandinavian living style

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