Standing table for the garden – 16 ideas for a decorative and useful garden table

Standing table for garden drinks-deco-bar-vase

We can best come to rest and relax in our own garden like in no other place. So that we feel comfortable, we can design the garden individually with garden furniture according to our own taste. The standard garden inventory includes garden tables, chairs, loungers and benches, which allow us to have nice coffee rounds, sociable barbecues or hours of relaxation. In this article we will introduce you to some ideas for High table for garden before, as well as valuable suggestions and tips on how you can make such a garden table yourself.

Standing table for the garden – a practical and decorative piece of furniture for outdoor use


A high table for the garden evaluates the garden, looks inviting and exudes a summery feeling. Standing tables enable you to gather many people in your garden and create a particularly cozy atmosphere for celebrations. In contrast to conventional tables, the height of the high table is 100-110 centimeters. Basically, this garden furniture is smaller and lighter than conventional garden tables and for this reason is easy to handle and can be used in any way. The garden high table should meet your needs and the existing garden design. Bar tables for outdoor use are made of wood, metal, stone, rattan and plastic.

Make a high table for the garden for every taste from different materials

concrete blocks-standing-table-wall-wood

If you do not opt ​​for typical garden furniture, there are numerous options available to you to create your own high table for the garden from a high table frame and a table top of your choice. If you don’t like the classic version of the garden table, you can of course let your imagination run wild and try out different material combinations. Check out this unique garden table in the picture above. You can make an attractive and ordinary bar table for your garden yourself, for example, from several concrete shell stones and a wooden plate.

Garden high table made of wood and concrete bucket stones

Standing table-garden-bar-concrete-wood-chairs

Your high table will not only have a practical function, it can also be very decorative. You can use some of the concrete blocks as plant pots and plant them with various succulents, for example. They are very suitable for decoration, are easy to care for and hardly need any maintenance. Depending on how much space you have in your garden, you can attach the high table directly to the wall and save space or set up a great garden bar. You are welcome to shape a corner bar with the concrete shell stones and equip it with the matching bar stools. Whether for cocktail evenings or for relaxed outdoor coffee parties, this high table is a great purchase for your garden.

Build your own high table for garden out of wood

bar counter-standing table-glasses-drinks

If you want to build a high table for your garden out of wood yourself, you can use old wooden boxes and create a great summer bar with a counter at a comfortable height. The wooden boxes offer more than enough storage space for drinks, glasses and various bar utensils. Designed in a fresh color, this garden bar looks absolutely elegant and decorative. For those behind the counter entertaining guests, it makes sense to equip the bar with a built-in bottle opener or a container for the cocktail spoons.


A high table for the garden is a perfect solution if there is not enough space in your garden. You can also use a folding garden table if you want to make the garden table more discreet and inconspicuous. This garden table is very practical, space-saving and incredibly creative. When closed, it looks like a narrow shelf or wall cabinet and offers storage space for a few small flower pots. If you open the cupboard, you will see the folding high table and behind it storage space for spirits and glasses, cutting boards and spices. An even more space-saving variation of this table would be to attach the table top to the shelf with fixed ropes.

folding table-standing table-plant pots-drinks

A simple foldable standing table is the foundation for a space-saving wall mount. There you can enjoy the cool drinks and store them away immediately. The bar table does not necessarily have to be elaborately furnished, even this simple model, which can be folded down, looks very elegant and is a few centimeters wide when folded. You can stow the wall-folding table in practically any free corner or niche and mount it at a height that is comfortable for you.

garden-window-bar-table-bar stool

A simple bar counter made of a wooden plate, which is attached to the wall, is a great further great variant for a high table for the garden. You can simply install the bar counter right where you can best use it. It hardly takes up any space, but with the matching bar stools it offers great seating or comfortable storage space for drinks and food. It is practical to simply hand over dishes through the kitchen window and to shorten the ways when serving.

Turn wine barrels into original bar tables

garden-standing-table-wooden barrel-decoration

If you would like to have a unique, fancy and original high table for the garden, you can repurpose old, used wine barrels and use the barrel as a practical and sturdy bar table that will undoubtedly be a real eye-catcher in your garden. Thanks to the humidity outside, the barrel does not dry out and remains very stable. Such a high table made of wood is unique, as each barrel differs in the color nuance of the wood and in the wood grain.

wooden barrel-flower-decoration-garden-wedding

Some untreated barrels have a red tint in the middle of the barrel, which gives the barrel a unique look. During the aging process, the wine is stored in a horizontal barrel and when the sample is decanted, the wine is removed through the central bunghole, which creates the reddish color. Since the barrel is made of the natural material wood, such a high table for the garden creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Wooden barrels used as a high table fit the rustic style and are just as practical as decorative.

wooden barrel-icebox-bottles-standing-table-garden

If you want to use a wooden barrel as a garden table, you only have to set up the barrel to spend relaxing hours in the fresh air with a drink or delicious meal. Specialists can design an individual high table for the garden like this wooden barrel table to suit your taste. The barrel is processed in such a way that the barrel staves come into their own and the barrel can be used as a shelf or equipped with a container for ice cubes. If desired, the wooden barrels can be sanded and sealed with oil.


If you want to equip the wine barrel with a tabletop, you can use a plate made of wood, marble or even glass. This great eye-catcher can also be a unique combination of a high table and a chest of drawers with large or small doors and various fixtures. Barrel furniture, indoors or outdoors, is certainly pieces of furniture with character that are not found in every house or garden.

High table for the garden made of metal and wood

metal-tube-wooden plate drinks

A fancy and very creative idea for a high table for the garden is this garden table made of iron pipes and wooden boards. Anyone who wants to bring some industrial chic to the design of the garden can achieve a lot with this successful combination of black metal and wood. If castors are attached to this model, the garden table becomes a perfect bar cart that can be moved as required. For example, supplies can be stored on the lower shelf, while the upper shelf is used to store glasses.

Fancy bar table for the garden made from old surfboard

Bar table-garden-surfboard-metal

If you want to create a summery and sunny ambience in your backyard, you can design a unique high table for the garden, which will certainly let the sun shine more often and remind you of the sea and waves. A surfboard was used here as a tabletop. For the metal table, you can opt for a smaller or larger board, depending on your personal preferences. Such a table promises pleasant hours with a cocktail with good friends in the summer evenings.

Create great garden bar tables from Euro pallets


You can make a garden high table made of wood from the currently popular building material Euro pallets. Garden furniture made from pallets is very cheap, as pallets are often available for little money or even free of charge. The reusable pallets are often treated with wood preservatives, which makes them very suitable for outdoor furniture. Wooden pallets can also be combined and stacked on top of one another as they have standardized dimensions.

Standing table-garden-pallet-concrete

For example, you can set up two pallets one behind the other and create a great garden table with a rustic used look with a suitable board for the table top. You can paint your pallet high table in the color you want, but you don’t have to, because, as already mentioned, the Euro pallets are already impregnated. If you want to achieve a certain look and want to paint the wooden pallets, it is advisable to use a paint that is suitable for outdoor use. You can also design your garden table made of pallets with a stone slab and make use of the numerous advantages of the material. Stone slabs are of very good quality and are weatherproof. While some tables with a plastic surface can be scratched easily, garden tables made of stone, marble and granite are very robust. The stone slabs do not lose color either.


If you want to combine the rustic with the modern in your garden, you can design a simple and elegant, monochrome wooden high table with bar stools made of natural logs in their irregular shape. The tree trunk has been converted into an attractive cup holder, which makes this unique garden furniture even more charming.

High table for the garden made of rattan


If you want a stylish high table for your garden, you can use rattan garden furniture. A rattan garden table impresses with its natural appearance, is comfortable and wind and weatherproof. There are rattan furniture made of real rattan or plastic with a rattan look on the market. Bar tables made of rattan or with a rattan look are available in different colors that look very classy.

wooden bar table bar stool garden vase

If you want to build a bar table for the garden yourself, you can design a very individual piece of furniture without spending a lot of time and money, which is not only of practical use, but also has a very decorative effect and beautifies the garden.