Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek – the timeless beauty of natural wood

Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek Zett table grain white chairs

The solid wood furniture combines durability, beauty and sustainability in one. They are suitable for every furnishing style, as the natural wood has a timeless elegance and is now combined with metal and glass. the Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek use the organic look of the wood and clad it in a modern design.

The solid wood furniture from Scholtissek with a modern design

kosmos sideboard modern grain black steel

This year, too, the new designs and collections of the German company are impressive. the Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek bring naturalness with purism into our homes. The materials have optically different “temperatures” – the warm solid wood is combined with glass and stainless steel to form a harmonious unit. New technologies and innovations offer the possibility of converting desks into dining tables or asymmetrically designed bodies to look like sculptures. This beautiful furniture is characterized by its fabulous wood grain, minimalist appearance, finely rounded edges, flexibility and perfect craftsmanship.

The solid wood furniture from Scholtissek offers plenty of storage space

cabinet wood Scholtissek furniture collection dining room

Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek cabinet shelves drawers

Particularly fascinating are the Opal and Kosmos collections, which emphasize the beauty of the wood with the help of the matt black panels. The contrast is very expressive and this combination takes advantage of the best of the modern and rustic style. The cabinet fronts and sliding panels are usually handleless so that the perfect appearance of the surfaces is not disturbed.

Black fronts and solid wood

kosmos cabinet black cabinet fronts scholtissek

The solid wood is “the focus”

kosmos cabinet solid wood organic beauty black scholtissek

Wall unit with shelves and TV space

opal tv wall unit solid wood black panels shelves

opal tv wall unit solid wood sliding plate black

The company specializes in dining tables

trias dining table stainless steel element large Scholtissek

Solid wood table for the modern dining room

solid wood dining table white upholstered chairs sr1

Extension table – steel and light wood

kadero extension table natural wood steel legs modern dining room

fuchs dining table natural wood stainless steel grain Scholtissek

solid wood dining table scholtissek light modern sr4

zett chair design steel upholstery cantilever chair

roman table solid wood bench light wood scholtissek

opal desk solid wood small drawers scholtissek

Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek stainless steel legs design sr5

kosmos sideboard white light solid wood front

kosmos sideboard scholtissek solid wood white handleless

opal tv stand solid wood sliding door shelves

opal body solid wood shcoltissek extract

opal extension table solid wood scholtissek sustainable long-lasting

unicat solid wood cabinet small drawers asymmetrical design  Solid wood furniture wall unit tv black wood Scholtissek     tree edge corpustisch solid wood schortissek dining table

Reclaimed wood dining table solid wood furniture Scholtissek stainless steel body table

fern dining table solid wood plate stainless steel feet