Smania – fabulous designer furniture from Italy

designer furniture italy by smania wood

The manufacturer Smania manufactures unique and fabulous Designer furniture from Italy at. The furnishing collection is exquisite and luxurious. The opulent vision and complex ornaments make us hard to believe that this furniture was made in the 21st century. The Italian manufacturer has been producing furniture since 1979. They are some of the most luxurious and opulent furniture designs from Italy available right now.

 The designer furniture from Italy – tradition meets innovation

designer furniture italy from smania office

There is a historical context behind every piece of furniture. The artisans in Smania use many traditional manufacturing methods from the past, but always combine them with technical innovations from the present. “La Brianza” is a fascinating district on the outskirts of Milan. There is a historical place where the “Artigiani di Mobili”, special furniture craftspeople, are still the most beautiful Designer furniture from Italy produce. Most of these exclusive studios are located in family houses. The extremely high quality of the handcrafted furniture attracts business people and collectors from all over the world. Smania orders her exclusive furnishing collections there.

 Designer furniture from Italy – unique craftsmanship

designer furniture italy by smania blue chair

The manufacturing process of this Designer furniture from Italy is very complicated and time consuming. The unique lines and fabulous ornaments can only be made by a few extremely skilled craftsmen. For this, only the most beautiful wood from the relevant season is selected, which is then stylishly combined with rich and delicate color nuances. The opulent effect is perfected in the end by the luxury fabrics that are used. The images we have selected show unique pieces of furniture that both bring a spirit of the past with them and offer innovative and lively designer solutions.

Luxury furnishings in blue for the living room

designer furniture from italy by smania living area

Designer sofa made of dark leather from Smania

designer furniture from italy by smania sofa gray

Bedroom with a chic design in gray

designer furniture italy from smania bedroom

Opulent entrance area with a blue armchair

designer furniture italy from smania lounge blue

Luxury office furniture from Italy

designer furniture italy from smania büro