Sideboard in white high gloss – 14 chic, elegant models

sideboard white high gloss zuri furniture living room furnishing floor lamp

White sideboard from Zuri Furniture

White furniture in the interior exudes an incomparable elegance. If the color is then combined with a high gloss, the look is perfect. The modern look is perfect for every furnishing style, but especially for the minimalist one. An important and particularly advantageous piece of furniture in the house is the sideboard. That Sideboard in white high gloss is not only suitable for different rooms such as the living room, hallway, bathroom or bedroom, but also brings additional storage space with it, which can never be enough.

Sideboard in white high gloss Neo from Hülsta-Werke Hüls

sideboard white high gloss huelsta neo feet chrome laminate

In this article we would like to introduce you to some fantastic models for the sideboard in white high gloss from various manufacturers and designers, which will definitely suit your taste. Find the best sideboard model for your furnishing style and give the interior a touch of elegance.

Sideboard in white high gloss Alice by Dall’Agnese

sideboard in white high gloss vintage alice dall agnese mirror pictures

If you are looking for a piece of furniture in a vintage style, then this model for a sideboard in white high gloss might be just right for you. The curved shapes and the nicely decorated feet make the sideboard look as if it came from the beginning of the 20th century. The white high gloss still guarantees a modern look.

Glass Sideboard from SMA Mobili

sideboard white high gloss glass sma mobili hall furniture idea

This sideboard in white high gloss is typically minimalist, which is mainly due to the simple design. It consists of four large drawers that offer plenty of storage space and make the chest of drawers a perfect addition to the living room or hallway.

White high gloss with Now! from Hülsta-Werke Hüls

sideboard white high gloss now huelsta stairs set up decorations

This sideboard in white high gloss has a combination of drawers and cupboards. In addition to the white, glossy surface, the sideboard also offers an accent drawer made of light, matt wood. Decorate the area under the stairs with such a piece of furniture, as shown, or another area in the hallway.

Vista sideboard in white

sideboard in white high gloss vista furniture idea drawers cabinets

With the Vista model for a sideboard in white high gloss, you get both drawers and cupboards so that all the necessary items can be stowed away perfectly. The sideboard can also be combined with other pieces of furniture from the collection. You can highlight white furniture particularly well if you design the floor in a darker color.

Ray by Enrico Cesana – A sideboard for the interior

sideboard white high gloss ray enrico cesana furniture set bedside lamp

You get a complete set of cabinets with the Ray collection. In addition to the sideboard in white high gloss, you can purchase compartments for the wall or high chests of drawers and thus furnish any room in the same style.

Dado Sideboard from Studio Kairos

sideboard white high gloss dado studio kairos minimalist design armchair

A bright interior can be wonderfully expanded with a white sideboard, as was also done in this example. The modern look is enhanced by gray furniture and metal accents, creating a clean and tidy atmosphere.

Bonita Sideboard

sideboard in white high gloss bonita float effect living room mirror

White Cutaro from Hülsta-Werke Hüls

sideboard in white high gloss cutaro huelsta wood light drawers modern

KU from Pifferer

sideboard white high gloss ku pifferer carpet modern retro curtains

Store by Sergio Brioschi for Jesse

sideboard in white high gloss store jesse sergio brioschi modern simple

Metis Plus from Hülsta-Werke Hüls

sideboard white high gloss metis plus huelsta mural black floor

Harvey by Minotti

sideboard white high gloss harvey minotti metal frame feet