Shelf for sloping ceilings – make optimal use of the space

Shelf for sloping ceilings -living room-library-couch-turquoise-room-white-skylight

In every apartment and in every house, it is a real challenge to neatly accommodate all the purchases that have been made over the years under one roof. A special case are rooms with inclines and niches, because there can only be a custom-made cupboard or a Shelf for sloping ceilings solve the storage problem. Another option would be to combine different prefabricated cabinets and shelves with one another in stages.

Shelf for sloping ceilings to make optimal use of all niches

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Different cabinet and shelf systems are available in all possible designs so that the little space can be used optimally. Sloping ceilings usually make rooms look smaller, which is why it is very important to use filigree furniture and lighter colors. Gain more storage space with specially made compartments for the smallest corners. You can classify small things or books in it. Consoles with specially adjustable fastening systems ensure that sloping walls become shelves.

Shelf for sloping ceilings – design a great library

Shelf for sloping ceiling -living room-library-carrier-wood-stool-wood-carpeted floor

Don’t leave the sloping wall empty and bare. Convert it to a closet or library. With not very heavy picture frames and the right fixing elements, you can create a wonderful picture wall full of beautiful memories.

Whole wall with shelves full of books and artistic items

Shelf for sloping roof-reading corner-books-library-pictures-works of art

You do not have to despair with the interior design of the sloping walls. See the rooms from their romantic side and like extraordinary design objects and unfold your imagination, because the shelving for sloping ceilings is available in all possible variants.

Kitchen under the sloping ceiling

Shelf for sloping ceilings - kitchen - wooden floor - dark - dining table - white

Good planning is required to get something out of limited space. If you can, go up and hang two rows of wall units on top of each other. For the top row, you can opt for tip-on (snap lock), but drop-door cabinets would be better for the bottom row. Snap lock is useful, but doesn’t work well for frequent opening and closing. In the case of folding air doors that open upwards to save space, the distance to the ceiling should be taken into account. Please also note that the depth of the wall units should be less than the depth of the worktop.

Living room with wooden wall cladding and built-in shelving

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The area where the sloping roof of a house begins is called the knee floor and varies in height depending on the architecture. In the next example, it is set so high that a couple of waist-high cabinets can be conveniently integrated underneath. Two skylights provide plenty of daylight. Cozy sitting areas have also been designed there. The contrast between the dark wood paneling and the white cabinets is very interesting. The flooring is also kept in light beige. Furniture and carpets harmonize with the wall cladding and have a cozy look.


For reading, talking on the phone or just looking out – everyone loves the bench by the window. Let yourself be inspired to a cozy corner in classic style! Pay attention to the opening direction of the window. If it is a horizontal sliding window, you don’t have to put anything away when opening it. If you’d like to read there in the evening, consider the lighting too. Spotlights mounted on the wall with movable arms deliver precisely the targeted light that is required here.

Make the most of every space – even under the stairs

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If you want to transform the wall under the sloping ceiling into a small gallery with books, vases and lots of colorful exhibits, it is best to choose a light color for the background and the shelf body. This is how the colorful decorative items really come into their own.

At first glance, you don’t see that this shelf wall is very special. The individually adapted shelf staircase fulfills its double function as a connecting element and furniture perfectly and leads to a second level under the roof. You can interpret this idea differently for your own four walls. You could use this shelf staircase to go into the “bedroom”. In times of city apartments and a lack of space, the loft bed is celebrating its comeback. A large wardrobe can be installed perfectly under a loft bed.


Have a complete closet made to measure

Shelf-sloping-roof-white-children's room-drawer-storage-television-toys

The lighting plays an equally important role in the planning of the shelf wall, which has to be integrated into the sloping roof. After all, you want to see what’s in the drawers and compartments.

Ceiling spots and light rails are ideal for a room under a gable roof. Light rails are equipped with any number of spotlights that can be easily moved. You can either install a light rail in the middle of the room or two rail systems from each side. The ceiling sports are embedded in the ceiling and do not take up valuable space. As LEDs, they also have low energy consumption. They are also simple and timelessly modern. As a prerequisite for recessed ceiling lights, you need a hollow ceiling with a certain installation depth. The spots can be distributed over the entire area or only illuminate a certain part of the room.

Shelf-sloping-roof-white-wooden floor-panton-chair-partition


Shelf-sloping ceiling-bedroom-white-wall shelf-scandinavian-style

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Shelf-sloping roof-children's room-library-toys-wooden floor-toys-cuddly toys

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