Scandinavian furniture for an elegant and chic interior

Solid wood coffee table carpet stairwell

Simplicity and simplicity are categorized as modern and minimalist in this day and age. The Scandinavian furniture has exactly this face of modernity. They exude functionality, comfort, among other things, and the light strokes of the living accessories contribute to clear lines and contours in your own four walls. The Scandinavian countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland bring a breath of fresh air into the apartment with functional designs, light colors, solid wood furniture, warm nuances and effective design of the rooms.

Scandinavian furniture and its characteristics

Carpet-with-figures-gray-upholstered furniture

What distinguishes the Scandinavian furniture from the other furnishing styles and lines is the linear design and the light colors, which compensate for the absence of the warm northern climate. What defines a modern living room are, for example, two-seat sofas and armchairs with wooden frames, a coffee table either made of solid wood or with metal legs and glass top, carpets with symmetrical figures and usually a sideboard with drawers and storage options, again made entirely of wood. The walls are mostly white and the wall decor is not brightly colored.

Scandinavian furniture


Comfortable and elegant upholstered furniture in gray, now and then yellow chairs and armchairs, as well as a brown lounge lounger in a luxurious living area speaks for the style of the Scandinavian furniture. It’s all about the extravagant lines and the design of the furniture with Scandinavian chic, intact form and functionality. Wood prevails and brings a touch of retro flair to your own four walls. But not only wood is used as a leading indicator for everyday furniture a lá Scandinavia. On closer inspection you can see these curved lines and sometimes asymmetrical seats and backrests, a playful execution that interacts with the figures on the carpet. Simply Scandinavian, simply wonderful!

Minimalist, beautiful, Scandinavian, elegant

Living room-with-various-pieces of furniture-carpet-and-staircase

Orange and warm wood are the centerpiece in this room

Living room-with-orange-nuances-Scandinavian-furniture

Modern solutions with shelves and chairs a lá Scandinavia

Wall-with-shelves-for-books Scandinavian design

Dark, solid wood as a sideboard piece of furniture


White simplicity

Upholstered seats-wooden frame-wooden floor

A row-table-made-of-wood-armchair-decoration-on-the-table


white Scandinavian design furniture

Wall paneling-made-of-wood-modern-armchair-in-gray

Upholstered-sofa-in-light-blue-with-coffee table


Leather seats-solid wood-coffee table-lounge-lounger

Leather armchair Scandinavian style




Wooden frame-armchair-white-table-wooden floor




Dining area with kitchen Scandinavian furniture

Cream-color-with-black-two-seat sofa

Coffee table-with-glass-top-brown-upholstered-sofa-wooden-chairs-box-suitcase