Rocking armchair ideas – modern design meets traditional materials

Rocking chair-with-legs-for-the-feet

The rocking chair is no longer an ordinary rocking chair in the modern sense. We did a little browsing and found fresh ideas for your exterior and interior. Sit on our rocking chair and evaluate the rocking chair ideas in your own way. So get down to business because the journey begins now!

Rocking armchair ideas for cozy hours at home or in the garden


One remembers the usual rocking chairs in the living room, in front of the fireplace in winter and on the balcony or veranda in summer. There and back and the most beautiful book has already been read. Rocking armchair ideas these days are sure to amaze you, as most of the designs are designer solutions that have been designed with specific goals in mind. The small picture gallery today shows how traditional materials meet a unique construction.

Rocking chair ideas – rocking chair or hanging chair


You know the classic rocking armchair in the bedroom or living room. But let’s add more rocking chair ideas. Most modern apartments are not only looking for comfort for themselves and the family, but also for new trends and directions when it comes to execution. A hanging chair made of polyrattan or wicker looks great and is available in brown, black or white, as well as in many other colors. The shape is mostly round, looks like a wide bucket or resembles a pear.

The minimalism in the apartment

Rocking armchair-in-the-living room

With a metal frame and leather upholstery and even with a small stool as a support for the feet, a rocking chair is a real eye-catcher at home. Solid wood legs and frame are ideally combined with leather and soft upholstery and offer comfort and elegance in every room.

The modern variant of lounge garden furniture


It is the extraordinary shape that catches the eye

Rocking armchair in black version

“Chill” in the garden

Rocking armchair in bronze color

Hanging chair with white metal finish


Stunning rocking armchairs like in a spaceship


And everyone will be happy with it


With practical lighting for reading

great design rocking chair

Rocking chair made of wood

Rocking armchair and lounge chair

minimalist-execution-of-rocking chair

Metal or lounge swing lounger

in a rustic design


Metal frame with yellow upholstery

Metal version design rocking chair

Solid wood design with upholstery

Solid wood version with footrest

Lounge rocking armchair with a retro touch




Italian design rocking armchair

gold-colored surface rocking armchair

futuristic rocking chair designer solutions


Copenhagen rocking armchair in green



for-two-person-basket-rattan-rocking armchair

extraordinary rocking chair ideas