Relax like the stars: a lounger in the living room promises the highest level of comfort

lounger in the living room modern white furnishing ideas monochrome sofa modular bb italy

Regardless of whether the living area is small or large – a lounger in the living room is an absolute must for celebrities like Emma Stone, Rosie Huntington and Kim Kardashian. And indeed – the eye-catcher offers the comfort of a sofa with an adjustable backrest, and at the same time takes up twice as little space. Perfect for the small apartment, for apartments for singles or simply as an addition to the reading corner. From design classics to flea market finds to modern minimalist pieces of furniture – we give you an overview and show you how you can effectively stage the all-round talent in various interiors. Relax like the stars in your own four walls and let yourself be inspired by the furnishing ideas!

Lounger in the living room combines the comfort of the sofa with the design of a chair

lounger in the living room furnishing modern ideas statues

A lounger is a piece of furniture that has the frame of a chair, but offers the comfort of a sofa. His home country is France, where under the term “chaise lounge” – a long chair – a day bed was originally presented. Back then, the daybeds looked like upholstered armchairs with a built-in stool and backrest. They can be recognized by the richly ornamented wooden legs and upholstery made of silk or velvet. They mostly cut a fine figure in the bedrooms right outside the window.

lying in the living room small sitting area balcony modern

In the 1960s, numerous designers were inspired by the piece of furniture and gave it a modern look. The Le Corbusier relax lounger became particularly popular – nowadays it is considered an absolute classic and is still very popular. The metal frame replaced the wooden legs, an adjustable backrest with an integrated pillow and a slightly curved ergonomic shape ensured optimal sitting and lying comfort. Instead of elaborate ornaments, the reclining chair attracts attention through the choice of materials. Leather, linen or cowhide decorate the tubular steel piece of furniture. It’s hard to believe that the designer was originally inspired by the barber’s chair.

lounger in the living room covered with cowhide reading corner cassina

The modern lounger adapts smoothly to any body shape and has anatomically shaped lines. Pictured above – a design classic from the renowned Italian brand Cassina – model LC4. We have summarized the most important features of the relax armchair for you:

  • The lounger usually only offers seating for one person. The exception is large-format loungers that offer enough space for two people.
  • It is low, you lie or sit deep.
  • The backrest is height adjustable.
  • A pillow ensures optimal comfort while reading.
  • Armrests are usually dispensed with in favor of a sleek, modern look.

Stage a lounger in the living room – reading corner in the spacious living area

couch in the living room white modern country house style bb italia

Nowadays, the lounger in the living room blends harmoniously into the interior – depending on the available living space and the other furniture in the room, it can be staged in a variety of ways. In the open living area, where the different zones fulfill different functions, it serves as a visual connection between the reading corner and the seating area. The BB Italia model shown above scores with a timelessly elegant design and high-quality manufacturing.

The lounger as an accent in the living room

lounger in the living room ivory color modern sitia

In the medium-sized living room it offers additional seating and at the same time sets accents in the room with its sculptural look. The manufacturer Sitia presented an interesting minimalist interpretation of the modern relaxation lounger (above). Their clear lines and simple design language transform them into a real statement piece of furniture. The material combination between metal and leather make it look elegant, thanks to its neutral ivory color it looks homely. Together with the two-seater sofa with upholstery made of linen fabric, the wooden floor and the short-floor carpet made of cowhide, it creates an inviting ambience where the residents can relax after a long day at work.

A design classic for niches and corners in the living area

lounger living room camel color leather 921 lama

Another design classic – the 921 Lama chair from the renowned furniture company Zanotti fits even in small living rooms. In this way, niches and corners can be used optimally. The back and armrests as well as the footrest merge – in the end a perfectly shaped whole is created. Space-saving and functional – two people can sit comfortably on it, one person can lie comfortably or one person can sit and use the footrest as a side table. The stable frame made of steel tubes lets its curved shape come to the fore. The leather cover in camel color gives the lounger the final touch.

Lounger in the living room – additional seat around the coffee table

lounger living room floor-level headrest color green model wink

The “Wink” model by Cassina combines an armchair and a lounger in one. A backrest that can be adjusted at the push of a button together with a two-part headrest promise the highest level of sitting and lying comfort. The design is available in numerous colors, even additional covers for the head section can be supplied when ordering. Such an eye-catcher has to be positioned centrally in the room – the contrasting mix between a simple beige sofa and the grass-green wing chair looks particularly appealing. It sets color accents and brings variety to simple furnishings.

lounger living room grass green upholstered sofa lounge roche bobois

The French manufacturer Roche Bobois presented a lounger with quilted upholstery and an ergonomic frame. Its trendy retro look also works well in contemporary interiors. The contrast between the exposed concrete floor and the abundantly glazed facade of the minimalist building and the cheerful colors of the furniture loosens the strict lines and creates a cheerful atmosphere in the living area.

Set up a living room without a sofa

lounger living room chair armchair modern country style george nelson

Admittedly – the living room can hardly be imagined without the sofa. In any case, if you want the ultimate lounge area in front of the fireplace, you can opt for several loungers instead. In the example shown above, the armchairs are made by George Nelson and are equipped with a tilt mechanism so that your guests can sit comfortably low or lie comfortably flat.

Lounger in the living room – set up a sitting area in front of the fireplace

daybed living room modern leather furniture fireplace cassina

Several club armchairs, a lounger and a sofa form the ultimate sitting area in front of the fireplace. The height-adjustable lounger by Cassina promises the finest in comfort. Upholstered in cowhide, the piece of furniture gives the living room in a modern country house style the finishing touches. So you can end the evening reading in front of the fireplace, or enjoy your favorite show with the family.

couch living room black leather bb italia

At BB Italy, the living room is designed according to the trendy mix and match trend – old and new are skillfully combined. The parquet floor with gray pattina forms the perfect background for the timelessly elegant furniture. The high-floor shaggy carpet in grass green, together with the low, minimalist coffee table and the long sofa create a charming ensemble. But the brand’s loungers steal the show – their wide foot section and appealingly curved shape automatically attract everyone’s attention.

Lounger in the living room – set up according to the rules of Feng Shui

daybed living room leather fabric cover feng shui style cassina

The Feng Shui doctrine says: the furniture should be distributed in the room in such a way that it stimulates the flow of energy. This should create a feel-good atmosphere where the family can relax and rest. It is important that the rooms are furnished as sparingly as possible. Unnecessary home accessories and decorations are deliberately avoided. Instead, a few carefully selected pieces of furniture form a seating area. The lounger should not be placed between the window and the door, but also not in the corner. If possible, you should be in the middle of the room with a view of the door.

Lounger in the living room: an overview of the industrial style

lounger living room industrial furnishing cassina

The industrial style emerged as a concept for the conversion of former factories and halls into residential buildings. The spacious loft apartments have an open living area where the kitchen, dining area, living room and library are accommodated. The seamless transition between the different areas is created by the typical gray-black color scheme. Walls and ceilings in fair-faced concrete form the perfect background for the furnishings.

lounger living room industrial style furnishing ideas

The lounger is traditionally staged directly in front of the window. Together with a table lamp on the windowsill and several modern metal sculptures, it forms the small reading corner. And if you just want to relax there, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

Lounger in the living room – living in a minimalist way

recliner living room designer armchair black gray adjustable halyard

Less is more – says the minimalist basic principle. This also applies to the furnishings – minimalist houses are sparingly furnished. Instead of decorating the room, the minimalists create tension through contrasts between materials and shapes. The furniture has a simple aesthetic and fascinates with clear lines. The lounger by Halyard is an excellent example of this – it presents itself in a puristic look. But behind the construction, which seems simple at first glance, there is a functional piece of furniture with an adjustable foot section, swiveling headrest and laterally adjustable armrests.

Modern country style in the living room

lounger living room country style modern backrest headrest brick fireplace halyard

Incidentally, the lounger not only cuts a fine figure in a minimalist interior – together with a bedspread made of faux fur, it becomes a recliner in the living room in a country house style. The piece of furniture promises sufficient comfort and offers the perfect place to sit in front of the brick or natural stone fireplace on rainy days.

Lounger or wing chair? Model with a retro look promises the highest level of comfort

lounger living room adjustable fabric covered seating comfort poltrona

The armchair / lounger by the Italian manufacturer Poltrona scores with uncompromising quality and maximum comfort – the deep wing chair with footrest can be adjusted backwards if desired. The tubular steel frame is inspired by the design classics of the 60s. As far as comfort is concerned, the deep seat and the slightly curved backrest leave nothing to be desired. Covers in different colors offer numerous design options.

lounger living room orange rocking chair cassina

The Canapo rocking chair from the Italian furniture company Cassina has a frame made of stained solid oak. In contrast to other models, the lounger is covered with fabric, similar to the outdoor version. The piece of furniture is delivered with a foldable cover made of polyurethane. Its construction presents an exciting mix of minimalism and modern country house style, typical for the Italian manufacturers.

lounger living room modern simple leather fabric chair bb italia

At BB Italia, the chair suddenly turns into a lounger – the backrest is covered with belts that can be adjusted if desired. The piece of furniture can be folded up or transformed into a lounger. Perfect for the small living room where there is simply not enough space for a longer lounger. It also scores with a low weight compared to other loungers and can therefore always be repositioned in the room and can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the sleeping area or even in the hallway.

lounger living room mantelpiece ornamented wood wall paneling parquet cassina

The lounger has become a status symbol since the 1960s at the latest – at that time it adorned the house of James Bond. Nowadays it is hard to imagine modern interiors without it – not only the stars love the comfort it offers. The interior designers are increasingly presenting furnishing ideas with a lounger as an accent in the room. The reason – it is a functional addition to the interior and can be staged in a variety of ways.

In the beginning, the piece of furniture from France served as a day bed in the bedroom, but in the 1960s designers like Le Corbusier gave it a modern look. Nowadays, the piece of furniture with a tubular steel frame and curved shape, together with a side table and floor lamp, forms a comfortable reading corner next to the wall shelf, serves as an accent in the medium-sized living room or offers a space-saving alternative to the sofa in corners and niches. The design classic also cuts a fine figure around the coffee table, where it forms an attractive duo with a simple sofa according to the new mix and match trend. Space-saving variants with adjustable backrests or extendable footrests can even completely replace the rest of the upholstered furniture in smaller living areas.

As far as the living style is concerned, the lounger proves to be a real all-round talent – whether with clear lines for furnishing according to the Feng Shui principles, or as an addition to the interior in industrial style – it cuts a good figure everywhere. The leather and wooden frame is particularly charming in the living room in a modern country house style. The wing chair with footrest brings a retro touch to your own four walls. The rocking chair scores with high quality manufacturing and a chic, timeless design. A combination between chair and lounger proves to be a space-saving alternative to conventional models.