Real wood furniture with a natural look and lively shapes

Real wood furniture -natural-tropical wood-exotic-table-glass top-table base

Real wood furniture find place not only in the traditional living ambience, but also in the modern living space. Tables with legs and columns made of solid wood with lively shapes, modeled by nature, inspire with their beautiful, imaginative shape and serve as eye-catchers.

Real wood furniture with a lively, organic shape

Real wood furniture -natural-tropical wood-exotic-choice-manufacturer-decoration-furnishing

Wood is a popular material in the furniture industry that can be worked with ingenuity and creates a cozy flair. The latest trends in interior design are imposing simple room designs, reduced in color and decoration. Neutral nuances such as black, white or gray prevail on living space that is kept as open as possible. Despite the modern furnishings, there is a risk that the room will appear impersonal or inanimate. Attractive, natural real wood furniture creates a cozy atmosphere with its warm charisma.

Real wood furniture with a natural shape and appearance

Real wood furniture -natural-tropical wood-exotic-sideboard-hall-resin-grain

The special natural appearance of the natural wood shape is called “live edge” in English, as this is given by nature, and humans have only given the finishing touches. This creates a new, authentic shape every time, something that is unique.

Real wood doors with a lively shape

Real wood furniture -natural-tropical wood-exotic-doors-grain-wood-glass

The real wood material can be carefully handcrafted to create imaginative doors, dining and side tables, and even attractive chairs. The wood surface is oiled or glazed without changing the natural structure and grain of the wood. What deep cracks or rungs can be filled with special wooden putty.

Light with a playful design – base made of natural wood 

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-p-chandelier-lamp-base-shape-playful

Even if a rectangular shape is desired for the dining table or stool, the natural structure and edges of the real wood could remain visible. The wood is filled with resin and brought into the desired proportion.

Cutting board made of real wood with a natural shape


The playful shape of the natural wood is also suitable for small useful objects, such as the cutting board in the picture, or for artistic decorative objects that serve as eye-catchers.

Real wood furniture from Oxo Lodge

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical-wood-exotic-solid-shaped-edges

Large dining table made of solid real wood with a natural shape and look

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-table-solid-long-organic-from

Use the natural shape of the tree as a decorative element

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-table solid-dining table

Ornate design elements and decorations made of natural wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical-wood-exotic-deco-obejkt-art

Modern appearance of real wood furniture

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-work table-solid-modern-chair-transparent

Small side table with solid wood top in natural shape

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-side table-modern-leather-couch-brown

The wood grain as a decorative element

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-side-table-table-legs-metal

Decorative objects and small furniture made of real wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-ordered-table-table-base-plastic-decorative-stones

Exotic workplace with furniture made from tropical woods 

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-office-chair-work table-solid

Solid wood dining table in a modern living area

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-solid-modern-minimalistic-concrete

Dining table made of solid wood in a natural shape and chairs made of molded wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-solid-chairs-molded wood

Modern and elegant ambience with real wood furniture 

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-solid-chairs-glass wall-terrace

Solid dining table with a top made from a single piece of wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-solid-chairs-bench

Modern combination of furniture – real wood table and transparent plastic chairs 

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-massive-chairs-transparent

Modern kitchen in black with a dining table made of real wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-dining-table-modern-kitchen-black

Real wood worktop as a highlight in the modern kitchen

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-kitchen-worktop-kitchen counter

Solid wood worktop with natural wood grain 

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-kitchen-worktop-modern-black-white

Modern kitchen in white with worktop made of real wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-kitchen-exotic-white-minimalist-worktop

Kitchen counter made of real wood and plate with a lively, natural shape

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-kitchen-kitchen counter-plate-stool-industrial-design

Chic and elegant – noble materials with a natural look

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-natural stone-design-brick-fireplace

Modern living room with attractive elements in a natural wood look

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-living room-side table-modern-living style

Combine natural wood look with solid, high-quality furniture

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-living room-ordering table-wall cladding-wood-couch-leather-brown

Coffee table with glass top and table base made of real wood

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-living room-coffee table-glass top-sofa

Real wood furniture in the bedroom – headboard on the bed

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bedroom-bed-headboard-nightstand

The beautiful natural feel of the wood grain

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bedroom-bed-headboard-parquet-floor-plant

Generous double bed with a natural shape and a wood look

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bedroom-bed-headboard-rustic

Decorative headboard on the bed made of real wood with a lively shape

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bedroom-bed-headboard-rustic-runner

Sideboard with real wood top and mirror fronts

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-sideboard-console-mirror-forged

Real wood furniture in the modern bathroom – vanity

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-washbasin-mirror-round-washbasin

Double washbasin made of natural real wood in an authentic form

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bathroom-vanity-wood-ceiling-modern

Washbasin made of real wood in vintage style

Real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bathroom-washbasin-sink-mirror-round

Real wood sliding door as an effective room divider

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-sliding-door-rail-grain-terrace-room-door

Decorative mantelpiece made of real wood with authentic edges

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-mantelpiece-fireplace-natural stone-cladding

Real wood furniture – bench in the hallway

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical-wood-exotic-hall-bench-natural-hooks

Small storage space made of natural wood behind the couch 

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bench-behind-couch-living room

Bar cabinet made of exotic tropical wood 

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-bar-cabinet-modern-design-cabinet-doors

Real wood furniture in the outdoor area combined with those made of plastic

real wood-furniture-natural-tropical wood-exotic-outdoor-table-massive-chairs-plastic

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