Real wood furniture from Amarist – a piece of unadulterated nature


With a piece of furniture made of wood, you can bring a piece of nature into your home. Changes in fashion do not play a role here, because this natural beauty remains timeless. With its latest collection of unique designs, the Spanish company Amarist speaks of the “Alma Series” as “a journey inspired by the power of exotic nature and shamanic magical wisdom”. These Real wood furniture represent something very special. You notice it immediately when you look at the console table and the mirror from the Alma furniture series. Each piece is handcrafted from Palo Santo natural wood panels that have been produced in the Amazon.

Real wood furniture has an exotic grain

The result is a pure piece of unadulterated nature. The craftsmen have used the natural, expressive wood patterns to create geometric compositions that adorn the furniture wonderfully. The straight and angular lines of the wood grain form a breathtaking pattern that is designed to represent the juxtaposition of nature and people.

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Real wood furniture with expressive wood patterns

Real wood furniture alma-console-table-amarist-spain

Console table with an interesting design

Real wood furniture alma console table asymmetrical

Real wood furniture alma console table exotic wood grain

asymmetrically placed pieces of wood

Real wood furniture alma console table close-up

Palo Santo wood from Amazonia

Real wood furniture alma console table details wood panels

Wall mirror from the Alma collection


asymmetrically laid mirror pieces

Real wood furniture -alma-wall mirror-asymmetrical-individual parts

Window to the soul Real wood furniture alma wall mirror palo santo natural wood panels real-wood-furniture-alma-wall-mirror-exotic-design