Reading chair design by TILT offers guaranteed privacy protection

reading armchair wooden case backrest-papered reading corner design

London-based design studio TILT created an original one Reading chair design, which is particularly suitable for withdrawing and relaxing. Quiet Chair was designed during the codesign workshop with the support of patients and staff at Whittington Hospital in London. The protection of privacy was optimally taken into account in the concept.

Reading chair design made of wood in a pentagonal shape

Design a reading corner with furniture armchairs with a relax function

Its stable and compact pentagonal shape is deliberately designed like a cocoon, so that it enables every user to feel protected and safe. Independent of the others, in its protected area you can read a book, listen to music or just sit down in peace. The attractive one Reading chair design Quite chair is one half of a design unit. The other half- TILTs Call adapts to the shape of the Quite Chair.

Quiet Chair by TILT

Create a blue padded piece of relaxation furniture in a wooden reading corner

No matter where the furniture is placed, privacy is guaranteed. It allows easy transportation and can be used as a cabin or an armchair, depending on requirements.

Piece of furniture that is particularly suitable for reading

Wooden furniture original design armchair quite chair tilt

Armchair with relax function

withdraw in peace wooden reading furniture reading chair tilt design

Furniture for relaxation – rear view

Relaxation furniture design tilt Modern pentagonal wood cabinet