Radiators for the children’s room – a creative designer idea from Jaga

radiators for children's rooms from jaga rosa

Of the Radiators for the nursery Play Home by Jaga creates a happy atmosphere and is an absolute must for the children’s room interior. The model is available in many different color combinations and has rounded corners that ensure safety for your child.

The radiator for the children’s room from Jaga – a combination of environmental friendliness and functional design

radiator for children’s room from jaga green

This radiator for the nursery is particularly well suited for play, has a cheerful appearance and a universal design with simple lines. Of the many color variations that are available, the green version is probably the most noticeable. The Play Home model is also environmentally friendly. Jaga’s Low H2O technology ensures a low water content. This is why this radiator has only a tenth of the weight and water content of ordinary radiators. Not only is this innovative technology environmentally conscious, but it will have a very good impact on your wallet when the bill for water usage comes up. This fabulous radiator design will not only be a fun decoration for the nursery but also a good investment.

Radiator for the children’s room from Jaga with a fun design and bright colors

radiator children's room from jaga dog

The model Play Home by Jaga in purple for the modern children’s room

radiators for the nursery from jaga lilac