Private workplace ROOM One for open-plan offices – functional, sustainable and inexpensive

private workplace soundproof booth modular environmentally friendly room one

At a NeoCon event, the ROOM company presented a fascinating private space for offices with an open office concept. The new product in the office furniture industry is called “ROOM One”. Functional design combined with sustainability is what defines the work cabin. ROOM One is a private workspace that combines elegant design and an environmentally friendly data protection solution.

Private workplace with sustainable design for open office space

room one soundproof booth private workplace portable noise insulation

The soundproof booth is made from recycled plastic bottles. ROOM One can be found on the market at half the price of similar work cubicles. The private workplace combines functionality and sustainable design with the aim of improving the world of work on a large scale and solving the annoying noise problem for millions of Americans who work in open plan offices every day.

Although open plan offices offer a creative environment, studies have shown that they affect both employee productivity and health. Nearly 50% of those working in open-concept offices see privacy as the number one cause of frustration. In contrast to people who work in closed offices, employees in open-plan offices are more often on sick leave.

Modern private workplace tailored to the needs of employees

open-plan office private workplace made from recycled plastic bottles sustainable room one

ROOM One uses a simple, smart design to ensure privacy in the open plan office, thus ensuring a happier and healthier work environment. This modular and flexible workplace was designed by Alejandra Albarrán, an award-winning interior designer and creative director from Mexico. The work cabin can be assembled on site in just 40 minutes, which saves the company a lot of time and resources on complex and expensive construction projects. The workplace is an environmentally friendly and affordable way to create a modern workplace that is tailored to employees’ needs for privacy and collaboration.

room one private workplace soundproof booth compact modular sustainable

ROOM One creates the perfect working atmosphere. Even if the office space has a special design, the Room One cubicle can easily be adapted to it. This custom creation can reflect company-specific concepts. The work booth is expertly designed to protect private conversations while providing soundproofing. ROOM One reduces noise by as much as 29 decibels.

The ecological aspect of this ROOM One project should by no means be underestimated. Every minute a million plastic bottles end up in landfills. Using recycled plastic bottles to make soundproof booths also reduces CO2 emissions.

environmentally friendly data protection private workplace soundproof booth room one

ROOM One is portable and can be transported from place to place. The cabin is therefore no obstacle for the upcoming move. Each modular workstation is equipped with a special ventilation system so that the air in the cabin remains fresh and cool at all times.

The noise in the workplace was the real driving force behind the development of ROOM One. The designers sourced recycled materials and worked with knowledgeable acoustics experts to ultimately create an easily accessible solution for modern office space that offers more space for happy employees and successful business.

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