Practical sofa bed design offers seating and sleeping options

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The sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that offers a comfortable seat during the day and an additional bed for your guests in the evening. The right thing Sofa bed design can save a lot of space – it is an irreplaceable aid, especially in one-room apartments.

Sofa bed design – a practical addition to the furniture

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That Sofa bed design has become a popular piece of furniture. Singles or students in one-room apartments appreciate the many advantages of the sofa bed. But families with spacious houses are also increasingly choosing a sofa bed for the living area. In this way, the living room can be transformed into a cozy guest room in the evening. That way, surprise visits from family members are no longer a challenge. A sofa bed in the children’s room can also add to the comfort of the children – so you can invite friends back home.

Sofa bed design – what you need to consider when buying

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Of course, comfort comes first. That Sofa bed design should be tested thoroughly. Important criteria that play a role in the choice are, for example – the seats, the lying surface, the conversion mechanism. The easier it is to use the sofa, the better. It is important to keep enough space around the piece of furniture. Especially models that can be folded back need a distance to the wall of at least 60cm.

The Italian brand Minotti specializes in the production of multifunctional modern furniture. Your sofa beds are a great example of how style and functionality can go hand in hand.

The modern sofa bed – variant made of leather

Living room black details living room

Simple two-seater upholstered in fabric

Sofa design brown beige upholstered furniture modern

The living room is transformed into a guest room

Sofa design stylish upholstered studio apartment

Super cute design – well suited for the nursery

Living room beautiful decoration sofa design

Sleeping area for family and friends

space-saving functional green color bed linen

Sofa with storage space – practical for one-room apartments

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Armchair offers sleeping for one guest

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Modern and practical – for small apartments and large houses

Color two seater living room wood flooring

Ease of use is particularly advantageous

Space-saving, multifunctional brown duvet, cozy post office furniture

Sofa bed in neutral colors

Backrest decorative cushion Shaggy carpet

Modern and practical – Italian sofa bed design

Linen linen wood furniture end table sofa bed

Sofa bed in combination with a wall unit in the living room

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