Open wardrobe – enhancing the room functionally and decoratively

open wardrobe color-multicolored-curtains-wall-shelf-clothing-bags-shoes-hangers-armchairs-cushions-storage-boxes

Do you dream of getting up in the morning, walking to your walk-in closet and choosing your outfit in peace? A open wardrobe is a great organization system, which saves you a mess and gives you a perfect overview of your wardrobe, shoes and accessories. In the following we offer you some great and attractive ideas for open wardrobes in large and small rooms.

Open wardrobe – functional and luxurious

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A walk-in closet is a dream of many women and men and is often associated with luxury and affluence. It undoubtedly makes you want to try it out and combine it, as all the patterns and materials present everything in a clearly arranged manner. Realizing an open wardrobe is much easier than you think.

Open wardrobe in large rooms

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Do you have a large apartment and even an unused room? In such spaces, with the right planning, you can easily create your perfect walk-in closet and make optimal use of the free space. A former study or children’s room, for example, can be used as a great dressing room.

Open wardrobe for the family organized by color

open wardrobe walk-in-large-wood-seating-carpet-assorted-pairs-shoes-box-magazines

Due to the open construction of the wardrobe and the presentation of the interior, the room appears somehow lively and inviting. The wardrobe puts all your beautiful clothes in the limelight, looks classy and exudes luxury. A walk-in closet is also extremely practical. It offers enough storage space for the individual types of clothing for all family members.

Stylish interior

open closet-bench-mirror-bathroom-sink-clothes-shoes-shirts-hangers-lighting

A logical sorting in the order in which the clothing is put on or items of clothing sorted by color give the room that certain something. Make yourself comfortable. Put a small bench, a low sideboard, a stool or pouf in the dressing room. The existing seating will make it easier for you to put on shoes and is simply part of a walk-in closet.

Open wardrobe with elegant lighting


You can try out your new clothes with your friends over a glass of champagne and just have fun. Every walk-in closet needs good, adequate lighting. Not every dressing room has daylight, so you can equip the room with artificial lighting that gives off a bright and natural light.

Half open wardrobe 


If your apartment lacks an extra room, you can set up the walk-in dressing room where there is space. You can integrate a walk-in closet in the bathroom or hallway, for example, and adapt it to your personal needs. If you are thinking of dust protection or just don’t want to show off everything from the inside of the closet, then it might make sense for you to keep certain areas behind closed doors.

Bedroom with a stylish wardrobe 

open-wardrobe-large-luxurious-wall-shelves-glass-door-bedroom-skylight-bright-dressing table-chair-mirror

Show your new shoes or colored T-shirts on the open shelves and store things like laundry and accessories. An open wardrobe in the bedroom, for example, can be separated from the rest of the room with sliding doors or, as here, with glass doors. Through the glass, your well-organized wardrobe looks just great and chic, just like in a boutique store.

Walk-in closet as a room divider


An open wardrobe can also be used as an elegant room divider. A simple cabinet system, free-standing or attached to a glass partition, looks absolutely first-class. The partition wall separates the private area from the other rooms and gives the feeling of being protected.

Walk-in closet with mirror


If you still have room on the wall in your bedroom, you can set up a small, open wardrobe with a rod for hanging and a few drawers, in which you have your clothes ready for the next day. So you can have your time all to yourself in the morning, for a long breakfast or for a coffee.

Dressing room in soft white


This corner wardrobe looks chic, classy and, thanks to the choice of white color, somehow feminine. If you want to see your clothes in true color, then choose light and subtle colors for the cabinet fronts. Of course, if you feel comfortable in bright colors, you don’t have to do without your favorite color. However, you have to keep in mind that some bright colors falsify the real color of your clothes.

Make optimal use of the wall niche

Open-wardrobe-bedroom-wall niche-storage boxes-mirror-chest of drawers-bed-pillow-wall decoration-window

Unused niches are the ideal solution for your walk-in closet in the bedroom. Depending on the size of the free space, you can set up shelves and clothes rails with hangers and make optimal use of the space. Incidentally, the mirror should not be missing in every open wardrobe. You can attach the mirror to the door or directly to the cabinet, or you can lean it casually against the wall.

Open wardrobe under the sloping ceiling


Get the largest possible mirror in which you can see yourself completely. The space under the sloping ceilings can also be converted very practically into a wardrobe. This space is usually not fully used and with the right shelving system and cupboards, this valuable storage space will not be lost.

Nice surprise behind the doors

open-wardrobe-walk-in-children's room-doors-hair accessories-plastic-boxes-box-shoe-organizer-hanging

An open wardrobe is not only functional and comfortable, it can also look really cute. Show off the small, colorful clothes and accessories and you are guaranteed to melt every heart. If you want to protect the children’s wardrobe from dust and separate it with doors, you can also use the door as a storage space and at the same time for decoration.

Creatively design walk-in closets

Open-wardrobe-children's room-girls-room-bicycle-wicker-basket-pendant-light-rod-cardboard-wall-decoration

An open wardrobe in the children’s room is not only functional, it can also be very decorative. Let your creativity run free, because an open wardrobe is not standardized. An old bicycle, an ironing board, some boxes and a few tiny clothes hangers make the children’s room unique in a carefree way.

Youth room with changing room


With several telescopic rods, you can build a great, space-saving, open wardrobe yourself in a small space. In the youth room, such a wardrobe will be the highlight of the room. Every young person will be delighted with their own changing room, which you can assemble yourself in next to no time.

Stow vertically in the small room


If you do not have a lot of free space in the room, it is worth considering what you actually want to put in the closet. Do you usually fold your clothes or do you need as many clothes rails as possible? Attach a shelf to the wall and store your things vertically. This saves space and your clothes can still shine.

Open wardrobe with a curtain

open-wardrobe-curtains-opaque-brown-cream-chest of drawers-drawers-shirts-sneakers-assorted colors

You can also build a walk-in closet cheaply yourself and achieve a dramatic effect with few resources and create perfectly organized storage space. Replace the doors of a cupboard with curtains in two contrasting colors and put in a chest of drawers in the right size.

Simple solution for fashion accessories on the door

Open-wardrobe-design-door-scarves-cloths-clothespins-colored-pattern-practical-wooden board

Sometimes it’s the little things that create clutter in the closet, but also get lost there. You are welcome to attach towel rails to the inside of the door and stow away small accessories such as towels, scarves or ties without creasing. With a wooden board and some clothespins you can design a great holder yourself.

Organize your open wardrobe well


You can also store such accessories neatly lying down or loosely rolled in a drawer with the appropriate subdivisions and always have them at hand when needed.