Old wooden wine boxes with new use – as furniture and decoration at home

wood wine boxes raised bed idea plants garden deco

Decorating your home with wine boxes is an incredibly creative idea. Old wooden wine boxes aren’t easy to find, but if you’re lucky you can pick up a few from your local liquor or wine shop. The next step is to find the perfect use for the wooden boxes.

Wooden wine boxes are finding new uses

wood wine boxes side table industrial style globe bedroom furniture

While wine boxes may seem a little boring on their own, just put a little effort and they can turn these into beautiful decor items and furniture. The best part about using wine crates is that it can be done in a short amount of time and with very little effort. These fresh ideas will help you decorate those old wooden wine boxes with style. An easy way to start is of course by attaching a wooden box to the back of your bike instead of a basket. For those with an eco-conscious view of life, this is a “no-brainer”. Or you can design a raised bed, a practical and spacious shelf for any room, or you can simply use the box to store various items.

Wooden wine boxes assemble a coffee table

wood wine boxes coffee table metal pipes leather sofa red

Additional storage space

wooden wine boxes storage space bathroom bath towels mosaic light blue wall

Wood shelf

wood wine boxes diy shelf idea living furnish parquet

Spice up the box with paint

Wooden wine boxes upcycling rolls color storage space

If you want to use your box around the house, it can be converted into a stool with storage space and castors. As a standing shelf on three levels, they also fit ideally in the children’s room and ensure order.

floating shelves in the bathroom

Wooden wine boxes floating wall shelves bathroom use

Wine boxes can also be used as coffee tables with storage space. Just assemble a few boxes in the right way and you have your own rustic coffee table in the living room.

Standing shelf in the nursery

Wooden wine boxes kids room standing shelf toys

From the simple projects, let’s move on to those that require a bit more effort. You can mount the boxes on a shelf with a floating effect in the bathroom. For those looking to take on a larger project, you can even use wine boxes to decorate an entire wall in your home bar or even the wine cellar. Of course, they would then serve as “symbolic accents”!

Bedside table with shelves      Wooden wine boxes bedside use triangles

Keep magazines

Use wooden wine boxes to store magazines

Planter by the window

Wooden wine boxes, planters, window, white

Storage space in the kitchen

Wooden wine boxes kitchen drawers storage ideas

disguise the wall

Wooden wine boxes wall cladding tile wood

Make wooden tiles

Dismantle wooden boxes use wooden tiles wall

Dog bowl made from wooden box

Wooden boxes dog bowl two bowls idea

Wooden wine boxes planter flower arrangement idea

Wooden wine box coffee table storage space living room use

Wooden wine boxes bike basket idea environment