Multifunctional armchair design “Flop” with bed function

armchair design multifunctional fold-out bed yellow

Multifunctional pieces of furniture are very popular right now and that’s no wonder. Because they not only offer several functions, but also save space at the same time. That is also the case with this one Armchair design, that we would like to introduce to you today. In addition to sitting, it is also ideal for lying down. It can be folded out quickly and easily and is therefore not only suitable as a guest bed, but also works very well in small one-room apartments where space is very limited and needs to be saved. The armchair design is also very practical for small student apartments. In the morning, the bed is quickly transformed into a comfortable armchair for studying.

Armchair design with comfortable seat cushion

armchair design color yellow modern practical idea furniture

The armchair design comes from the Russian designer and is called “Flop”. The upholstery is made of 100% wool, which makes the armchair very comfortable and durable. When the armchair is unfolded, not only does the bed appear. There is also a practical bed box in which you can stow the mattress and pillow when they are not in use.

Armchair design made of wool in yellow

armchair design furniture idea comfort wool yellow

With this armchair design you get three functions in just one piece of furniture. In addition, there is a cheerful, yellow color, which ensures an upbeat interior. Below you can see how easy the armchair is to fold out. Let yourself be impressed by the unique design!

Back of the armchair

design armchair bed guests idea furnishing multifunctional

Simply fold out the armchair

design armchair unfold easy steps slatted frame

Cozy design of the lying surface

design armchair slatted frame black guest bed idea

Armchair with bed box

design armchair bed frame storage space cushion mattress slatted frame

Armchair design with bed function for guests

design armchair comfort sleep bed studio apartment furniture idea

Designed by Elena Sidorova.