Modular wall shelf made of metal – practical wall design for living room and kitchen

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The Italian design studio Ronda Design recently launched a new, innovative product: Caddy is a modular wall shelf made of metal that can be converted into any room according to individual needs. The modular system can be used in any area of ​​the home, offering a particularly practical solution for the kitchen and living room. The basic wall panels can be combined with various accessories and thus perfectly adapted to the interior. In addition, the modular shelving system looks very stylish and offers an elegant solution for the modern interior.

Caddy – A modular wall shelf with an elegant design

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Caddy’s design is a system of modular metal wall panels that are available in different sizes and can be assembled in a specific pattern. The individual panels are available in six different colors – white, black, graphite, titanium, matt copper and matt brass. Variants with reflective modules and those with LED lighting are also available. The metal looks very stylish in the interior and gives the furniture a sophisticated touch.

Combine the wall panels with the appropriate accessories

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The designers at Ronda Design have developed a new way of furnishing and decorating that uses magnetic technology. Since the wall panels by Caddy are made of metal, they can be perfectly combined with magnetic accessories. The shelves and shelves from the series are available in different sizes and offer numerous possibilities for composition. So you can put together the modular wall shelf completely according to your individual needs.

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In the kitchen, for example, the wall shelves offer storage space for frequently used dishes, cutlery, glasses and groceries. It should be noted, however, that the shelves can hold a maximum of 10 kg. Therefore, they are unsuitable for heavy kitchen appliances and objects.

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Such a modular wall shelf leaves almost nothing to be desired in the living room. Books can be stowed on the flexible shelves, decorative objects can be set up and vertical gardens can be designed. If the modules are combined with LED lighting, great accents can be set on the wall.

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With the modular shelving system Caddy, Ronda Design is continuing its research activities and continuously expanding the service and products that it offers. The company focuses on innovative design, high-quality materials and the pursuit of the utmost freedom of expression for users.

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