Modular furniture made from Euro pallets by the designer Sibylle Stöckli

Furniture Euro pallets modular units combine painting

Building furniture yourself from Euro pallets is a new environmentally friendly trend in order to find a new application for them. The Swiss designer Sibylle Stöckli has developed a new concept of using old and used wooden pallets in a new way. In a series called “Le cageot”, she takes standard wooden boxes and transforms them into modular parts. When combined and stacked together, you can create modular units in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wooden box has a trapezoid shape, so these combinations are possible.

Furniture made from Euro pallets by Sibylle Stöckli

Furniture made from Euro pallets modular shapes combine sizes

The untreated wood is also an ideal canvas for a little color and creativity when you want to paint something beautiful on it. The raw yet elegant look is the perfect addition to any room. They can serve as a modular shelving system or as additional seating for the garden.

Build furniture from Euro pallets

Furniture made from Euro pallets has a modular concept

The wooden pallet can be used as a stool, coffee table, shelf or as a box. This idea was first presented at the Radostar exhibition. The totems that were created from it reached a height of 3.6 meters.

Modular units made of wooden pallets form tall towers

Furniture made from Euro pallets sybille stökli modular units

Exhibition in Geneva – 3 meter high towers made of wooden boxes

sibylle stöckli colorful pallet towers modular shelves

Sybille Stöckli Design  Furniture made from Euro pallets shelf system sybille stöckli design

Stack and combine wooden boxes in different ways

Furniture from euro pallets, shelves, painting wooden pallets

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