Modular design wall shelf offers infinitely different compositions

sinapsi modular design wall shelf horm white black lacquer

Sinapsi is a modular one Design wall shelf, designed by the designer Sebastian Errazuriz from Chile in 2010. He was inspired by the brain cells. And just like cells can multiply, the shelf grows organically in the room. Several elements can be combined with each other and a variety of shapes and compositions can be created on the wall. You can create different designs according to your imagination.

Design wall shelf – design according to your own imagination

modular design wall shelf white sinapsi horm

That Design wall shelf is made of high density polyurethane foam and coated with injection molding and spray painting. It is mounted on the wall using galvanized bolts (12 mm diameter). The cover plugs are made of a material patented by Horm – a strong mix of wood and fabric – glued with a neodymium magnet. Different finishes are also available so that you can play with colors as well as shapes. You can choose between white, black, silver, yellow, graphite, mocha, red, green, gold and gray.

Design wall shelf made of polyurethane foam with spray painting

modular design wall shelf white lacquer modern

modular design wall shelf wood white compositions sinapsi