Modern upholstered furniture – new designer sofa combines two seat heights

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The new Designer sofa from I.solagiorno is an innovative and extremely comfortable piece of furniture. The design combines the comfort of a couch with the functionality of a bench.

Designer sofa combines the comfort of a couch with the functionality of a bench

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That Designer sofa from Isolagiorno is the heart of every home. The piece of furniture is an excellent example of a successful combination between modernity and functionality. The couch is equipped with a wide backrest that can even serve as a bench. In this way, the designers have created a perfect piece of furniture for the small apartment. The sofa can simply be placed in the middle of the room and the room can be divided into two areas – on one side you can create a cozy dining area, on the other – a cozy sitting area in front of the TV. In addition, the central position guarantees that there is enough free space for other furniture – for example for several chairs, or the cool coffee table, which somehow did not fit properly in the small living area until now. The problem with insufficient seating space is solved!

The manufacturer offers two narrow tables that go perfectly with the puristic piece of upholstered furniture. The first table is made of oak and impresses with a purist look, the second – made of metal and fascinates with a minimalist look.

Designer sofa in the heart of the small apartment

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The sofa has a puristic design and is available in three neutral colors

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It’s perfect for small and narrow rooms

small apartment sofa loft style interior wooden table

The sofa creates a visual connection between the dining area and the living room

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The combortable piece of furniture comes with two tables

Designer furniture sofa upholstery brown color modern

The first table is made of wood and goes perfectly with the dark brown sofa

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A small floor lamp and three Scandinavian-style chairs create a comfortable seating area

Designer furniture sofa upholstery brown color modern

The neutral color scheme and the white walls make the room appear larger

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Modern, comfortable and practical – this is how the design of the Italian brand can be described

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White table and light gray sofa

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