Modern upholstered furniture from Alpa Salotti sofa designs with a feel-good factor

modern sofa design white adjustable backrests

If you have a spacious living room where the whole family gathers in the evening, then a large sofa is an absolute must. Modern upholstered furniture like these from Alpa Salotti play a big role in the living room. They should not only be large, but also offer the desired seating comfort. The sofa is perhaps the most important element in this living area, so you need to take your time choosing the perfect design.

Modern upholstered furniture for the living room

riviera sofa alpa salotti white adjustable corner sofa

Look no further than the Riviera sofa by Alpa Salotti. The five backrests are adjustable and can be in different positions. The sofa is open on one side, which creates additional seating. You can also comfortably put your legs up and relax.

Modern upholstered furniture with a timeless design

white sofa red carpet modern living room alpa salotti

The Riviera sofa is a design by the top designers at Habits Studio. Its clear lines are emphasized by the pure white color and are particularly suitable for the contemporary style in the living room. The sofa has high quality upholstery that increases its elegance. The large pillows and adjustable headrests offer total comfort and a unique modern look. The white upholstery allows you to combine the sofa with colorful pillows and a red carpet.

high quality materials and clear lines

vision sofa design straight lines black stool adjustable

All Upholstered furniture from Alpa Salotti are just as worth seeing as the Riviera sofa. Their deep, wide seats offer a new level of comfort. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your home, take a look at this lovely collection. They are perfect for special occasions and casual gatherings with friends. They have everything you need – loads of style and no shortage of comfort.

  adjustable backrests

sofa desire alpa salotti steel feet adjustable backrests

Corner sofa in cream  raymond sofa modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti beige corner sofa

large pillows and soft padding

upholstered sofa alpa salotti white corner sofa cushion AYRTON

Nuvolari sofa

Nuvolari modern upholstered furniture gray adjustable backrests

black leather sofa  modern corner sofa black leather steel feet cushions

Sofa and armchair with a modern design

modern design sofa armchair white steel feet shaggy carpet black

elegant steel frame

modern upholstery leather gray shaggy carpet

modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti sofa armchair black white

metropolis sofa corner sofa upholstered steel feet carpet

gaber sofa italy steel frame beige upholstery

freetime sofa white frame gray sofa cushions

clark sofa design upholstered steel lines accented taupe color

biplano sofa upholstered furniture alpa salotti italy

modern upholstered furniture sofa backrest green