Modern table lifestyle inspired by Giselle


Modern tables increasingly emphasize the identity and living style of the modern owner. Life itself is a fully interesting and varied source of information for creative and unusual design ideas. Here we present such a romantic and particularly impressive example. The Giselle table, inspired by the designer’s passion for ballet and best describes her idea of ​​lifestyle and beauty. The designer Anna Neklesa comes from Russia. In her life she was very impressed by the Russian ballerinas.

Home design principles in relation to modern tables


Modern tables include not only their own functionality and uniqueness, but also a modern way of thinking. The human way of thinking is constantly being influenced and one has to be inspired by unusual situations, things or even people. Russian ballerinas have conquered the stages and the hearts of spectators worldwide. The beauty of the Russian soul lies in the combination of tenderness and strength, and these qualities also describe the Giselle table – a role model for modern tables.

Modern tables made from natural materials

Wooden legs coffee table modern

The table top is made of steel or aluminum, it looks dusty and is reminiscent of ballerina shoes with their typical little beautiful skirt. The small tubes under the table offer enough space to store magazines, newspapers or other small items. Modern tables sometimes don’t look very stable, but that’s only supposed. The Giselle table has 2 legs that keep balance. The legs of the Giselle table are made of dark oak and resemble a certain ballet step, as if the table were moving. Beautiful, elegant and magnificent like the dancing Giselle at her appearance.

The contemporary impressive coffee table

Giselle table storage magazine

The Giselle table is a unique coffee table. Modern tables like this one exude elegance and style. With her project, Anna Neklesa has given a characteristic art that is very popular in Russian culture a new face.

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