Modern sofa sets embody aesthetics and relaxation

modern-couch-sets-living-room-collection-mustard-yellow-sofa-set-throw pillows

The living room is a place of retreat where it is easy to forget everyday life. Modern sofa sets give your living room that certain something. They impress with their appealing design, high-quality workmanship and the best materials – from elegant leather to robust fabric covers and create a cozy and homely atmosphere. You can put your feet up on your favorite couch, watch a movie in peace and let the day end in a relaxed manner. There is a suitable couch for every taste and every furnishing style. If you are looking for stylish and modern furniture for your living room, you will find sofa sets in various shapes and colors that create a new sense of well-being.

On the photo: upholstered sofa from Furniture Kraft

Modern couches invite you to relax


Combine your modern sofa with a matching living room table and a chic rug to round off the ambience in style. In this context, a suitable living room decoration should not be neglected. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and make yourself comfortable at home!

In the photo: sofa set HOSPITIS by Novamobili

Modern sofa sets in an elegant style

Living room-design-furniture-set-collections-modern-couch-sets-Lux-Medico-850

Lux Medico 850 sofa set from Wemafa

Modern couches with a rounded body

Living room-furniture-collection-modern-couch-sets-Hokku-Designs-Sona

Sofa set Sona by Hokku designs

Chic oasis of well-being in a traditional style


Lux Medico 179 sofa set by Wemafa

Modular sofa set stands for increased functionality

couch set-modern-blue-metal frame-modular-sofas-STONE-Tacchini-Italia

STONE sofa set by Tacchini Italia

First-class design for a comfortable and representative domicile


Johannes sofa set by Hokku Designs

Cozy multi-seater with lounge lounger

modern-couch-sets-Woodbridge-Home-Designs-Renton-Living room-collection

Renton sofa set by Woodbridge Home Designs

Expansive leather sofa


Leather sofas from Furniture Huebner

Modern sofa sets of the extra class


Nova leatherette set from Hokku Designs


Madeline sofa set by Hokku Designs


Lux Medico 687 sofa set by Wemafa

modern-couch-sets-white-metal frame-Creative-Furniture-Kaya-living room collection

Kaya sofa set by Creative Furniture


Koinor sofas by Möbel Hübner

modern-couch-sets-Knoll-white-pastel-yellow-two-seater-armchair-living room

Couch set from Knoll

Modern-couch-sets-white-red-high-gloss-Slide-Design-Kami-living room-collection

Kami sofa set by Slide design


Suzanne Lounge by Knoll®