Modern furniture design classics combine timelessness and zeitgeist

Simple interior design furniture classic curtains shelving system

We live in times when sophistication and simplicity are the trends in interior design. The modern living style nevertheless allows daring mixes of styles. Furniture is offered in countless shapes and in a wide variety of colors. But if a piece of furniture is characterized by extreme originality, it is possible that you get fed up after a certain time. If you like clean lines and the attractive price is another plus for you, you could choose Bauhaus and Mid-Century Furniture design classics adapt well to contemporary lifestyle.

Modern furniture design classics are put back in the limelight

White sofa classic model side table-modern interior floor lamp

Furniture design classics from the middle of the twentieth century can be ideally integrated into the modern furnishing style. There are models that have retained their timeless look over a number of decades. A white upholstered sofa with a strict geometric design language is suitable for use in, for example, Scandinavian-style rooms.

Dining room chairs and table made of wood with a retro look

Vintage wall design dining room furniture design wooden furniture chairs

In the past, home furniture was built precisely by hand, decorated with carvings, gilded and upholstered with velvet and silk. Thanks to technical progress, it was already possible in the 30s and 40s of the 20th century to get inexpensive and visually beautiful furniture for the whole apartment. The development of industrial design has had a major impact on furniture manufacturing.

Puristic interior design

Scandinavian furniture interior pendant lamp cabinet vintage chair design

Furniture design classics are characterized by flawless aesthetics, reliability and robustness and this is still reflected in their appearance.

Upholstered furniture in a mid-century look

Furniture-classic armchairs upholstery fabrics-Scandinavian design-Intereur

Furniture design classics, those that accompany us in everyday life often have an emotional rather than an ecological value for us. If you have a thing for retro furniture, let these ideas inspire you.

Classic armchair for cozy rooms

Modern furniture classic armchairs-fabric red-chair chic interior

Rustic night table combined with retro furniture

Industrial-chic loft studio apartment furniture, rustic table-armchair

Corner sofa is reminiscent of the middle of the century

Mid-Century Look Design Furniture Sofa Set Gray Brick Wall

Dining room stools and dining room tables made of wood

Dining room furniture design solid wood table stool-white brick wall white

Classic design products 

Mid-century pendant lamp Scandinavian design-cozy wooden furniture

Retro style wooden kitchen

Veneer-wood kitchen-retro furniture-bar stools metal legs hanging lamp ball

Loft studio with timeless furnishings

Loft apartment wool carpets stool-Scandinavian flair

Dining room wooden furniture with upholstery

Classic furniture dining room design wood table chairs sideboard accessories carpet floor

Scandinavian interior

Bauhaus furniture modern interior-simple Scandinavian side table design

Dining room furniture with a timeless look

Design furniture classic dining room-mid century look wood chairs

Masterpieces of art from the mid twentieth century

Design project lamp modern furniture classic chairs stools wood wall decoration

Armchair design conveys timelessness and durability

Upholstered sofa wood frame-gray patterned mid-century look side table

Upholstered sofa on metal legs

Classic furniture sofa black and white upholstery-capitonné quilting

Retro chair design in bold colors

Bauhaus furniture-modern design-classic wooden chairs-colorfully colored upholstery foam