Modern facilities true to the homely mix of styles

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The modern furnishing style has been very popular for several years and is now very versatile. It no longer just means simple, modern facilities, which are highly polished. The vintage and shabby chic styles, as well as furniture made from recycled objects, purism, rococo and much more are also in vogue. We’d like to give you a few of the directions for today modern facilities introduce.

Modern facilities with a vintage flair

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The motto is “Make new out of old”. In principle, that means reusing antique or antique looking furniture. Old pieces of furniture that have certain blemishes no longer have to be disposed of, but are suitable as modern facilities. You can actually spice up your interior in a special way. But this doesn’t necessarily mean just old furniture. There are also many new pieces of furniture on offer that are specially treated to look old. How convenient!

modern furnishings mix of styles - shabby chic features

Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos, but a mix of styles

Living in a mix of styles – the big living trend in furnishings

Decor in the style of Pop Art – expressive and artistic

modern-furnishing-living room-real wood-coffee table-gray


Modernism and purism

modern-furnishing-white-wood-minimalist-living room

Furniture in the purism style consists of clear lines. Modern facilities in this seemingly simple style are kept simple and free of ornate ornaments or other patterns and lines. An attempt is made to make the furniture multifunctional, as can be seen in the colorful armchairs with drawers. The simple characteristic of this style for modern facilities makes additional decorations unnecessary.

modern furnishings minimalist-white-black

Recycled furniture in the modern facility

modern facilities lot-industrial elements

Old objects are often reused for building furniture. There are, for example, particularly effective chairs or coffee tables as modern facilities, made of old skateboards. This type of modern furniture also overlaps in some ways with the vintage and shabby chic styles. Very often, pallets are also used to build furniture at home. This is due, among other things, to their practical shape, thanks to which sawing or other cumbersome steps are often not necessary. See for yourself what great pieces of furniture can be made with recycled items.

14 furniture recycle pallets bed bedroom idea

Rococo Revival


This style is not only reminiscent of the baroque, but is actually based on the furnishing style of the 18th century. Typical here are the ornate details, ornaments and carvings that occur above all on mirrors, chests of drawers, chairs and armchairs. Modern facilities like these create an elegant and unique atmosphere.