Modern designer sofa – ergonomic shape inspired by airship construction

white sofa upholstered furniture ergonomic design modern two-seater

A design duo from Ukraine took inspiration from airship construction for their latest collection. That Designer sofa namely has a shape similar to the legendary Zeppelin.

Designer sofa with an original construction

Design Zeppelin new furniture upholstery soft ergonomic shape

That Designer sofa from the design studio Mukomelov impresses with clear lines and an original construction. Their ergonomic shape is similar to the aerodynamic structure of the zeppelin. Soft upholstery, a spacious seat and an extremely comfortable backrest ensure that the “passengers” are comfortable. The modern piece of furniture is offered in white and is a perfect addition to any interior – but it will certainly be a real eye-catcher in facilities in industrial living style.

The airship played an important role as a means of transport in the 19th century, bringing passengers and goods across the Atlantic. Nowadays it has become a symbol of the human spirit of discovery.

Designer sofa brings a touch of romance from the past

Living room white color sofa side backrest ergonomic shape

Soar above the clouds

modern ergonomic white leather upholstered living room furniture

The sofa is offered in white and has a simple, purist construction

modern furniture design ideas backrest to set up living room

The designer duo Mukomelov has moved away from the legendary Zeppelin

Upholstered furniture Zeppelin inspires ergonomic construction comfortable